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Cash Management Card

I. Definition
ICBC Cash Management Card, as a medium for and settlement offered by ICBC to the corporate customers, is a new settlement tool integrating account management, cash access, payment & settlement, investment & wealth management, information reporting, customer identification and other functions.

II. Introduction
Since it was launched by ICBC in 2008, Cash Management Card has been rapidly recognized by the market for its convenience and flexibility. Now cardholders can make daily payment and settlement, deposit and withdraw cash, acquire information of the linked account and conduct account management. Permissions can be flexibly set for each card in accordance with the actual applications. Customers can do wealth management with the card, and the Bank will provide differentiated services by identifying cardholders.
Cardholders can check account, deposit and withdraw cash, transfer money and make remittance at the counter or through Internet banking, self-service banking, telephone banking, POS and other self-service channels. UnionPay Chip Cash Management card can also be used for cross-banking applications through ATM and POS channels.

III. Application
Customers bring to ICBC power of attorney and the original and a copy of valid documents for corporate cardholders and fill in “Application for Cash Management Card”.

IV. Characteristics and Advantages
1. Password and authentication are provided for security. Cash Management Card verifies the customer's identity with both the card and the password. The chip card, which escorts security of the corporate account with improved data storage, encryption and decryption, allows cardholders to make settlement without carrying checks and other paper documents.
2. UnionPay channels are supported to ensure diverse payments. The currently issued Unionpay chip Cash Management Card is equipped with BIN of UnionPay card, which allows cardholders to take cash and make consumption through any ATM or POS with UnionPay logo across China. It meets the demand for inter-bank deposit and withdrawal and consumption through credit card, and provides settlement service anywhere at anytime.
3. 7×24-hour services are provided for the corporate settlement. Cash Management Card fulfills 7×24-hour corporate settlement services through self-service banking, Internet banking, telephone banking, POS and other channels. It allows cardholders to save time and enhance efficiency with access to money, account transfer, consumption, inquiry and other financial services available anywhere at anytime.
4. Management can be flexibly customized by setting various business permissions. Cash Management cardholders can determine use permission, application channels, payment amount, the amount for linked accounts, directional payment for each card according to the actual needs so that the corporate customers can conduct personalized management on different cardholders.
5. All kinds of corporate accounts can be managed via one card. Cash Management Card can allow corporate customers to carry out centralized management of all kinds of accounts they have opened at the Bank (such as settlement account, time/call deposit account, loan account, investment & wealth management transaction accounts, etc.).

Notes: Information provided herein is only for your reference. Specific business is subject to announcements and rules released by local ICBC outlet.

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