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Overseas Debt Issue

I. Introduction
ICBC can issue bonds at the international financial market or overseas to raise funds for clients according to their requirements.

II. Prospective clients
Provide financing for domestic enterprises for import of equipment, technology and service, etc.

III. Operation process
Refer to the operation process of re-loan of international commercial loan.

IV. Notices
What are the approval procedures?
Refer to approval procedures of international commercial loan.

1. What are the competitive advantages of ICBC?
(1) ICBC has close business relations and cooperation with world-class international banks and knows well the operation rules and situations of the international financial market.
(2) ICBC has successfully issue warrior bonds for a company at the Japanese market.

2. What are the differences between the overseas bond issuing and international commercial loan?
Overseas bond issuing is featured by low interest rate, but higher trading cost and complex signing and legal procedures, while the international commercial loan is featured by higher interest rate, but lower trading cost and simple signing procedures.

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