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Full Trade Express

I. Description
When your company has both export business and import business at the same time, ICBC can provide you with "Full Trade Express" service.

This product takes export remittance as protection measure, provides your company with import settlement and the financing businesses under import settlement. This package service has included all the settlement and foreign financial products under import and export business. Simultaneously, it is accompanied by foreign funds products for the aversion of exchange rate risks.
Brief flow chart is as follows:

II. Transaction occasion
Once your company has signed imports and exports trade contract at the same time, and use credit letter manner for export loan settlement, ICBC can provide you with this service.

III. Functions and characteristics
1. According to the difference of the settlement manners, imports and exports products can combine at liberty and the agility is high.
2. If the export the invoices of the credit letter submitted by your company is qualified, or your company has received the accepting letter issued by qualified letter issuing bank, your company can transact import L/C/bond or import financing business, and the credit line assessment is not needed.

IV. Warm tips
Your company's foreign remittance amount through ICBC cannot be lower than the unpaid amount of import L/C and bond (including financing).

V. Cases
Company A has signed an export contract of 1 million USD's goods with Company B. They agree to take 90-day forward L/C settlement. Meanwhile, Company A signs a contract with a foreign company, Company C, which is a contract of 900,000 USD's raw material importation contract. The settlement is instant L/C. Based on this, ICBC suggests Company A to transact "Full Trade Express" package products.

At the beginning of March, Company B applies for the opening of 90-day forward L/C, taking Company A as the beneficiary of 1 million USD. After receiving L/C, Company A delivers goods and submits the receipt to ICBC. Once ICBC receives opening bank's promise of due payment (July 10 is due), ICBC extends a 900,000 USD's instant L/C to Company A, taking Company C as the beneficiary.

On April 10, ICBC receives Company C's submitted receipt. The due payment day is April 19. ICBC provides Company A with outward bill financing. The financing account is used to pay the foreign account under this import item and the balance is remitted to Company A's account.
On July 10, ICBC receives the payment from opening bank, returns outward bill financing and remits the balance into Company A's account.

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