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Payment Service

Besides check, draft, cashier's check and other traditional payment tools, ICBC constantly innovates payment products, and makes the payment of client more convenient and the control on payment more effective so that client can enhance financial management level and working efficiency.

1. Electronic Exchange
A settlement service that remitter entrusts ICBC with paying the funds of RMB to receiver. The service is applicable to all clients.
•Depending on ICBC's remittance, transfer and settlement system of the funds, safe, convenient and fast.
•Divided into two methods- common and express, the funds will arrive in real time with latter and at the second day with former.

2. E-banking Payment
Client can entrust bank with paying the funds to receiver through E-banking. The service is applicable to clients with demands on payment.
•Multi-methods: single payment, batch payment, schedule payment, corporate financial room, etc. 
•Support intra-city, inter-city and many other approaches of payments of RMB settlement account.

3. Payroll Payment Service
ICBC can transfer the wages to the personal accounts of the employees in batch based on the instruction submitted by client. The service is applicable to all clients.
•Clients shall sign agreement with ICBC.
•Simplify the payroll payment procedure, release the working strength and prevent the business error.

4. Peony Business Card Service
Client can use ICBC's Peony Business Card for the daily business expenditure and financial reimbursement. The service is applicable to clients including government agencies and public institutions.
•Client increases the use of non-cash payment tools that can enhance the financial management level of the institution.

5. Interest Paid by Buyers
ICBC can pay all par values to the holder of the bank acceptance and the discounting interest shall be paid by the drawer. The service is applicable to clients with sound qualification and credit conditions.
•Drawer shall sign a agreement of interest payment of bank acceptance by purchaser with ICBC.
•Discounting for bill holder without deduction of interest enhance the ability of payment of bank acceptance.

6. Global Transfer
Based on the application of client for foreign exchange remittance, ICBC can offer safe, efficient foreign exchange remittance service at reasonable rate. The service is applicable to clients with demand on foreign exchange remittance business.
•Complete foreign exchange settlement and sales as well as arbitrage when remitting.

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