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Internet Banking for Cash Management

I. Overview
The Internet Banking for Cash management is a client terminal developed by ICBC featuring layered management exclusive to fund management personnel of group customers, which is designed in the form of Head Office, regional branches and affiliated companies based on the procedure and characteristics of corporate fund management.

II. Application Condition
1. The applicant has to open a corporate settlement account in ICBC and sign the ICBC Electronic Banking Service Agreement for Corporate Customers.
2. The applicant has to apply for and fill the Application for Registration of Corporate Internet Banking Customer, the Information of Counterparty's Accounts, the Information of Corporate Loan Account, the Information of Customer Certificate, the Information of Subsidiaries and other tables and provide relevant certification materials as required by the account opening bank.

III. Features and Advantages
1. The Internet Banking for Cash management simplifies and upgrades the service function menu and is divided into six major modules of payment, receipt, account management, liquidity management, investment & wealth management and customer service as required by the corporate fund management flow. Besides, the items of internet banking are redesigned to reduce the number of levels, allowing more convenient operation.
2. Based on the needs of corporate fund management, the Internet Banking for Cash Management highlights the management on cash outflow, inflow and keeping and increases some new functions, including payment suspension in terms of payment control, categorized comprehensive inquiry of account, application for agreements signing/function enabling, comprehensive inquiry of financial information, inquiry of agreement information, which are suitable for customers to conduct corporate fund management and help to save the time cost of business processing.

Note: The information given on this page is for reference only. See the announcements and regulations of local outlets for details.

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