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Trade and Wealth Express

I. Description
When your company settle export loan with L/C, and purchases domestic goods resources with bank trade acceptance, ICBC's "Trade and Wealth Express" package service has included export L/C financing, bank trade acceptance, financing and other products, able to make you successfully integrate national trade with international trade.
Brief flow chart is as follows:

II. Transaction occasion
When you cannot pay for the goods to domestic supplier due to the tension in flow capital turnover after the receiving of exit credit letter, and in turn cannot prepare goods and deliver goods according to the requirements of the exit credit letter.

III. Functions and characteristics
1. Through the combination of domestic and international financing products, provide overall flow matching service for your company's domestic and international trade.
2. Promote the business relationship between your company and the domestic purchaser, and enlarge the business cooperation space.

IV. Warm tips
1. Your company should be assessed credit grade and credit line by ICBC.
2. Your company and the exporter have long-term business cooperation relationship, the importer has a fine credit standing and there are no payment delaying situations without reasons.
3. The products quality of the domestic supplier is excellent, which has brand advantages.

V. Cases
Company A is an import and export company. It signs with exporter, Company B an import and export contract. Company A and B agree to take international L/C trade settlement. Due to the problem in capital, Company A cannot verify its contract signature with domestic supplier, Company C. Therefore, Company A is quite worried about its timely implementation of export L/C.

In order to satisfy Company A's business demands, ICBC suggests it to take "Trade and Wealth Express" package products. Company A submits the L/C original issued by Company B's trust bank to ICBC. ICBC extends bank trade acceptance to Company A to make it purchase raw materials from Company C. When it delivers goods to Company B, Company A submits all the receipts under L/C to ICBC and returns bank trade acceptance after receiving opening bank's payment.

If Company A needs, our bank can also transact export L/C outward bill/discount/ Forfeiting financing services and other capital financing services. However, the financing account must be paid for bank trade acceptance.

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