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Settlement Service for Small Enterprise

This is a range of services for small business customers covering settlement, wealth management, cash management and risk management in all stages of domestic and international trades.

I. A full range of services are available at ICBC branches nationwide, correspondent banks of ICBC outside China, cutting-edge IT and electronic banking system for all small enterprises to make fast, convenient and safe disbursements/receipts and settlement (in home and foreign currencies) with their domestic and international partners.

II. Small enterprises are welcomed to use ICBC package service that combines RMB settlement, cash management and wealth management, and other ICBC package services for international trade in settlement, wealth management and risk management with discount on interest rate, fee rate and exchange rate. These services help small enterprises improve asset liquidity, control financial cost, avert market exposure and increase asset income.

Note: Information herein is for reference only. Refer to the announcements and regulations of local branches for further details. ICBC reserves the final right of interpretation.

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