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Money and Wealth Express

I. Description
Your company and exporter agree to adopt O/A method to export, hoping to receive goods payment in advance and lock exchange rate risk. ICBC's "Money and Wealth Express" products center around export invoice financing, combining instant settlement and transfer, RMB financing, global express and other products, offer your company's exportation full-scale settlement and financing services.
Brief flow chart is as follows:

II. Transaction occasion
Your company adopts O/A to export. After your getting transport receipt after goods delivery, you may choose ICBC's "Money and Wealth Express" package service.

III. Functions and characteristics
1. Receive goods payment in advance and speed up funds circulation
2. Transact exchange settlement in advance and lock exchange rate risk
3. Value preservation and increment

IV. Warm tips
1. Your company should be assessed credit grade and credit line by ICBC. For instance, you can deposit your RMB after exchange settlement and freeze it. You need not grade nor occupy your company's credit.
2. If the appreciation range is inferior to the expectation, the continuing of this service will possibly reduce the final RMB income.

V. Cases
Company A and importer Company B sign 1400 thousand USD export contract and the settlement manner is O/A 60 days. At the beginning of June, Company A has fully prepared for the exit goods and finished the shipping and hoped to gather the fund in advance in a bid to lock up the exchange rate risk, hereby,  ICBC recommended "Money and Wealth Express" service to the company. On June 10, Company A provided materials prescribed by the contract such as the business invoice, exit invoice-financing requisition and requested to transact RMB financing after the settlement of financing fund.

On June 11, ICBC extended 1 million USD financing to Company A, the annual financing interest rate is 5%, and the term is three months. COMPANY A Settles and remits the financing payment, the price of exchange settlement is 8.0239. Therefore, it gets RMB 80,239 hundred Yuan. On the same day, Company A trusts ICBC for the financing of 80,239 hundred Yuan's RMB. The expected annual yield is 2.5%. Then 3 months' financing interest totals 802.39X 2.5% X (90 /365) =49500 RMB.

COMPANY A RMB income equals 8,023,900 RMB plus 49500 RMB = 8,073,400 RMB
COMPANY A's invoice financing interest due goes like this: 100 X 5% X (90 /365) =12,300 USD.
COMPANY A's net income is 807.34-1.23 X 7.8961(exchange rate of purchase and remittance)= 797.63

In the middle September, ICBC receives exporter's payment and returns financing. The balance goes to Company A's account. Simultaneously, RMB appreciates by 2%. The former middle exchange rate was 0.804 and the present middle exchange rate improves to 0.788.

If Company A does not choose "Money and Wealth Express" products, then its 1 million USD's exchange settlement amounts to only 7,863,900 Yuan. Through the transaction of "Money and Wealth Express" package service, Company A's income is 7,976,300 Yuan. The value added amounts to 112,400 RMB(797.63-786.39).

Conclusion: the more RMB appreciates, the more proceeds got from the package service.

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