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Targeted Income/Expense

Targeted income/expense in settlement accounts refers to the control set on the settlement accounts' counterparty according to the agreement between ICBC and customer, including targeted collection, targeted disbursement, targeted collection/disbursement. "Targeted collection" means there are accounts identified for the settlement account's source of funds. "Targeted disbursement" means there are accounts identified for the settlement account's expense. "Targeted collection/disbursement" means there are accounts identified both for the settlement account's source of funds and expense, only transfer from certain accounts or transfer to certain accounts.

(I) All-channel control
Targeted income/expense enables customers to effectively control the collection/disbursement of transactions made at the counter, via Internet Banking, Bank-Enterprise Interlink and SWIFT, highly secure, wide control.

(II) Automatic control
Completely controlled by ICBC system automatically, no manual intervention, higher efficiency, less cost.

(III) Wide applicability
Applicable to all current settlement accounts, including FX accounts.

Manage income/expense in parallel, applicable to group accounts of headquarters-subsidiaries, headquarters-branches, or customers who need to monitor the income and expense in the income/expense accounts opened in other cities.

Customer can also set accordingly if there are specific purposes or income/expense for the amount in the account.

Note: Information herein is for reference only. Refer to the announcements and regulations of local outlets for further details. ICBC reserves the final right of interpretation.

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