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Structured Deposits

The structured deposit is a kind of deposit products provided by the Bank where the financial derivatives are embedded into general deposits, and the yield upon maturity is linked to indicators like interest rate, exchange rate, stock and commodities to allow the depositors to obtain yields while undertaking certain risks.

I. Agreement Signing
To apply for the structured deposit business, the customer has to sign the Mater Agreement for Structured Deposit Business of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Notice of Customer’s Rights for Structured Deposit Business of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and designate a capital account for processing the structured deposit business in the local area. The customer without settlement account at ICBC has to open a settlement account for capital transaction.

II. Purchase
To purchase the first structured deposit at the counter, the customer has to affix his/her registered seal on the Structured Deposit Product Description and Risk Disclosure, and sign and affix his/her registered seal on the Application for Structured Deposit Business. Please contact the local office of ICBC for the lower limit of the structured deposit.

III. Withdrawal
Premature withdrawal is not allowed for structured deposit. Upon maturity, the principal and yield will be transferred to the customer’s account automatically at the time specified in the Structured Deposit Product Description.

Risk warning:
The product has a floating yield. The yield upon maturity is subject to changes in price of underlying indicator. No guarantee is provided to highest expected annualized yield. Customers are requested to fully understand the investment risks and exercise due care before purchase.

Note: The information given on this page is for reference only. See the sales agreements and documents of ICBC for details.

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