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Temporary Deposit Account

I. Definition
Temporary deposit account means a bank settlement account opened by the depositor for the purpose of meeting the temporary needs and to be used within a given period. If required by temporary operating activities at other cities, the depositor may apply for opening an inter-city temporary deposit account, which is used for the fund collection and payment.

II. Product Introduction
Temporary deposit account is used for handling fund collection and payment of temporary operating activities by temporary institutions and depositors.

Temporary deposit account should have a valid effective period according to the period in opening certificates or the demand of depositors. Anyone that needs to extend the period should submit an application to the account bank within the period of validity to the bank. The bank will report to the local PBC for approval of the extension. The effective period of a temporary deposit account should not exceed two years at most.

Anyone that withdraws cash from the temporary deposit account should handle according to the regulations on cash management of the state.

The temporary deposit account for registration & verification can but accept cash collection. The name of the payer for registration & verification should be the same with the sponsor.

III. Target Client
Depositors can apply for opening a temporary deposit account in the following cases:
1. Establish temporary institutions
2. Temporary operating activities in other cities
3. Registration and verification

IV. Application Condition
The depositor should provide the bank with the following documentary evidence when opening a temporary deposit account:
1. Any temporary institution should present the official document that the competent department of its residence place agrees to set up the temporary institution.

2. Any inter-city construction and installation corporation should present the original of its business license and its administrative units' business licenses, and the license authorized by the competent department of construction at the place of construction and installation, or the construction & installation contract.

3. Any unit that engages in temporary operating activities in other cities should present the original of its business license, the official document issued by the administration for industry and commerce at the place of temporary operation.

4. Any registration and verification fund should present the notice of advanced approval of the name of enterprise authorized and issued by the administration for industry and commerce or the official document of the competent department.

Depositor should also provide the primary deposit account opening approval in cases 2 and 3.

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