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Overseas Loan under Domestic Guarantee

I. Introduction
This is a service for enterprises in China ("applicant") to apply credit facility (including loan, trade finance, financial leasing) for its wholly owned subsidiary registered outside China ("borrower"), shareholding companies or counterparty. The credit facility is secured by unconditional, irrevocable guarantee provided by the applicant to ICBC branches in China who issue bank guarantee or standby L/C to ICBC overseas branches ("beneficiary") to extend the credit for the borrower.

II. Features
The service is mainly for enterprises in China to bid international contracts and provides funding for these companies to invest outside China.
State Administration of Foreign Exchange ("SAFE") has approved a quota for ICBC. Within the quota, ICBC does not need SAFE approval when providing guarantee for lending to overseas customers under this service, simple procedures, fast.

III. Application Conditions
(I) Applicant (enterprises in China) should meet the following:
1. Good credit standing, able to provide full guarantee as required;
2. Meet the minimum application requirement of bank guarantee for the credit facility;
3. Willing to provide unconditional, irrevocable guarantee for the borrower;
(II) Borrower should meet the following:
1. Meet the State rules concerning guaranteed by companies in China;
2. Register outside China already;
3. Register foreign exchange in SAFE for overseas investment;
4. Good organization structure and financial management;
5. Other conditions stipulated by ICBC.

IV. Steps
Applicant submits bank guarantee application to ICBC branches in China, who will check the applicant's credit standing, conditions of guarantee and guarantee provided by the applicant. Beneficiary goes through the formalities. ICBC branches in China issue bank guarantee or stand-by L/C to beneficiary, the beneficiary extends the facility to the borrower.
The service mentioned above is to offer credit facilities to customers which should be true, reasonable and lawful. ICBC branches in China (including Corporate Banking Department II at the Head Office, same below) as the guarantor, issue bank guarantee (including stand-by L/C, same below) to ICBC overseas branches (beneficiary), who extend credit (including loan, trade finance, financial leasing) to the customer ( guarantee).

Note: Information herein is for reference only. Refer to the announcements and regulations of local branches for further details. ICBC reserves the final right of interpretation.

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