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General Entrusted Loan

I. Introduction
The general entrusted loan is defined as the loan business (excluding entrusted loan under housing provident projects and cash management projects) in which ICBC acts as an agent of entrusted funds from the “principal” to extend the loan, supervise loan use, and help collect the loan, according to target borrowers, purpose, amount, term and rate fixed by the “principal” (excluding the natural person).

II. Category and Functions
It is classified into RMB entrusted loan and FX entrusted loan in terms of currency.
The group company can use the general entrusted loan to allocate funds to their subsidiaries.
As principals, government departments, enterprises/public institutions or individuals, and natural persons with full civil capacity can offer financing to enterprises/public institutions and other economic entities by means of the general entrusted loan.

III. Features
The general entrusted loans administrated by ICBC are standard and flexible with easy steps, fast processing and reasonable fees. And the Bank charges reasonable fees according to the service content and agreement price.
As a trustee, the Bank does not recommend principal, borrower or guarantor. Nor does it advance principal, interest, commission charge, taxes, and any possible costs in handling business commissioned. The Bank does not offer guarantees for the loan in any forms, and not directly and indirectly take any loan risk in any forms.
The entrusted bank can assist in the following at the instruction of the principal:
(1) Monitoring in the use of loan and the project execution;
(2) Monitoring in the performance of the borrowers and guarantees;
(3) Urging mortgagor to properly keep collateral and assist in safekeeping of the mortgage, pledge and document of title;
(4) Collection of loan principal and interest on behalf of the principal;
(5) Any other business commissioned by the principal.

IV. Target Customers
Principals of the general entrusted loan can be government departments, enterprises/public institutions, other economic entities and natural persons with full civil capacity.
Borrowers of the general entrusted loan may be enterprises/public institutions, and other economic entities.

V. Steps
1. The principal submits the Power of Attorney of General Entrusted Loan to ICBC.
2. The relevant ICBC branch checks the source of entrusted funds, prospective borrower, loan purpose, loan amount, loan period and lending rate, and other issues commissioned by the principal.
3. The principal and ICBC sign the Agency Agreement of General Entrusted Loan.
4. The principal, ICBC and the borrower sign the General Entrusted Loan Contract.
5. ICBC releases the loan as required by the principal’s Notice of General Entrusted Loan, once entrusted funds are in place.
6. As agreed, the relevant ICBC branch can offer assistance to monitor/manage the entrusted loan on behalf of the principal.
7. The relevant ICBC branch collects principal and interest of the general entrusted loan and transfer them to the account designed by the principal as agreed.

VI. Notes to Customers
The principal and the borrower must be responsible for the legality, completeness, truthfulness in documentation provided to the Bank for handling the general entrusted loan business.
Items required for new application by the principal:
(1) Documents verifying the principal’s identity
(2) Proof of the source of the entrusted funds within principal’s own discretion.
(3) Other documentation required by ICBC.
2. Items required for new application by the borrower:
(1) Documents verifying the borrower’s identity
(2) Loan card.
(3) Other documentation required by ICBC.

VII. Declaration of Responsibility
Note: Information on the page is for reference only. Please refer to announcements and regulations of local outlets for the general entrusted loan business.

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