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Agency Fund Collection

Relying on its strong capital strength, convenient settlement system and extensive service network, ICBC has established agent relations with a number of financial institutions such as banks and urban credit cooperatives and rural credit cooperatives to collect payments on behalf of them, providing high-quality agency settlement services for principal banks which enlarge their service network. 

I. Agency Remittance
Our cooperative banks can entrust ICBC to remit funds. The principal bank can take full advantage of the real-time settlement system of ICBC and transfer its funds through the most advanced domestic channels of fund remittance; thus can greatly save its costs in building physical branches, enhancing their financial service and accelerating its fund turnover.  

Flexible and Diversified Operating Modes
1. Manual Mode
The principal bank and its clients can fill out the paper certificate or deliver the disk to ICBC to submit its instruction.

2. "Bank-bank Connection"
Local branches of the principal bank and ICBC can, via a specialized system, deliver operating instructions and feedbacks about the account, and handle the settlement of funds. Automation of this process can not only avoid potential risks and problems in delivering instructions by a manual mode, but also greatly enhanced the efficiency. 

3. Host Computer Direct Connection
The headquarter of the principal bank and that of ICBC can get connected through an specialized system, and fulfill information exchange and fund settlement by "touching one point to access in the system, and centralizing settlements". Automated operation and centralized handling of settlements can not only save costs, but also facilitate the supervision and management of headquarters over their branches.

II. Agency Collection upon Entrustment and Collection with Acceptance
After the principal bank issues the document to entrust collection or that to collect payment with acceptance, in case of lacking ways to conduct non-local remittance and funds transfer, the principal bank can first entrust ICBC to collect the payment, and ICBC will transfer the payment back after collection.  

III. Agency Collection
Taking advantage of its extensive network, ICBC can collect cash payment, check payment and bank transferred payment on behalf of the principal bank, and handle settlement of funds through the account of the principal bank at ICBC.

ICBC's service can not only guarantee the collection of payment, but can also provide information about the payee and payer to the principal bank.

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