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Equipment Leasing

I. Description
With its many years of experience and substantial strength, ICBC Leasing offers tailored leasing services on large equipment covering power and grid, railway and rail transport, coal and mining, harbor machinery, telecommunication, financial machines and devices and engineering machinery to corporate customer to push forward technical upgrade and new generation of core equipment, streamline their financial structure and promote the leap-frog development of China's equipment manufacturing sector.

II. Distinctive Advantages
ICBC boasts an extensive customer base in China and worldwide and a huge service network, years of rich experience in various kinds of customer credit and a sound management system. ICBC has maintained a long-term good business relationship with many equipment manufacturers. Leveraging on its management capability of various equipment assets and a professional and well-trained equipment leasing team, ICBC Leasing offers efficient, safe, state-of-art, and extensive leasing services to both the lessee and manufacturers.

III. Business Type
Domestic equipment leasing
i. Energy equipment
Key service areas: solar power generation, hydropower generation, natural gas power generation, thermal power generation, nuclear power generation and other new energy power generation; exploration and transport of oil and natural gas, coal mining and coal chemical; manufacturing and sales of energy equipment.
Leased object: Complete equipment and device of power plant; comprehensive coal exploration, dressing and transport equipment; oil and natural gas exploration, transport and storage equipment; other equipment of energy companies.
ii. High-end equipment
Key service areas: vehicle manufacturing, manufacturing of lathes and heavy machineries; port, warehouse and pipe transport and other logistics services; construction; intelligent equipment manufacturing and other leading manufacturing sectors.
Leased object: Vehicles, pipelines and other transport equipment; lathes and other processing equipment; engineering machinery; large port machinery and warehousing facilities; large complete equipment and production lines; computers and telecommunication facilities.
iii. Rail transport
The service covers urban subways, state railways, local railways, intercity high-speed railways, railways built by companies,expressway and urban public transport. After many years of development, ICBC Leasing has firmly established its leading position as the first leasing brand in the market and incorporated the leasing concept in the construction of urban rail transport across the country. ICBC Leasing has built a green express between urban rail transport companies, construction companies, equipment manufacturers and financial leasing companies to achieve win-win results.
iv. Urban infrastructures
The service covers urban infrastructures construction, water supply, gas, heat, fire prevention, environmental protection, development zone construction and other supporting facilities. As China's urbanization advances, urban infrastructures construction has become increasingly important to the national economy and the people's livelihood as an important public utility provider. The upgrade of the supporting facilities has provided huge room for equipment leasing.
v. Science, education, culture and health care
The service covers broadcasting and digital TV, travel, education, medical care, modern service, logistics, culture and entertainment. As the country focused on the development of science, education, culture and health care as the priority in recent years, ICBC Leasing made great efforts in venturing into this field and it has developed cooperation with the broadcasting and TV companies, major scenic spots, hospitals and universities in the major cities and played a model role in the market.
vi. Agency and entrusted leasing
Easy Lease
Easy Lease is based on ICBC's service network where ICBC branches provide consulting service to SME customers on behalf of ICBC Leasing, and ICBC Leasing will provide financial leasing service.
Agency leasing
ICBC has developed cooperation with other financial leasing companies and provided agency leasing, entrusted leasing and sub-leasing to meet customers' needs.

Cross-border equipment leasing
vii. Cross-border leasing for the resource sector
Moving in line with China's overseas resource development strategy, ICBC Leasing participates in the overseas exploration, beneficiation, mining, smelting and processing of gold, platinum, chromium, copper, coal and iron ore companies in the form of leasing, and provides financial services and solutions for the resource investment, development, storage and transport of Chinese companies abroad. The major leased objects are mining vehicles, mining equipment and supporting facilities.
viii. Cross-border leasing for the energy sector
ICBC Leasing provides leasing service for the overseas projects of Chinese investment companies, equipment manufacturers and construction service companies to promote the export of hydropower generation, thermal power generation, wind power generation, solar power generation and new energy power generation equipment and technology; and provides leasing service for Chinese companies in oil exploration and development and the refinery, storage and transport of natural gas.
ix. Cross-border leasing for the transport sector
In order to support the "Going Global" strategy of China's high-speed railways, ICBC Leasing developed cooperation with Chinese locomotive manufacturers and construction companies and provided leasing products to help China's high-speed railways to integrate and upgrade its trade in goods and services and capital export in the international market; meanwhile, ICBC Leasing developed cooperation with the manufacturers of large and medium-sized buses, trucks and new energy vehicles to help Chinese automobile manufacturers expand the overseas market and promote cross-border leasing and sales.
x. Cross-border leasing for the engineering machinery manufacturing sector
ICBC Leasing developed cooperation with Chinese engineering machinery manufacturers and large construction companies, and provided engineering machinery leasing service for their overseas projects in the form of financial leasing and operating leasing.
xi. Cross-border leasing for the transfer of production capacity
ICBC Leasing developed cooperation with Chinese iron and steel companies, cement companies and construction companies, and provided leasing products to help the export of iron and steel and cement equipment and technology, and help the companies with overcapacity to integrate the resources in overseas markets.
xii. Cross-border leasing consulting for key regions
ICBC Leasing is developing the markets of Australia, South Africa, India and Russia and it has accumulated rich experience in the laws and regulations, leasing supervision, tax regime and foreign exchange control of the key regions. ICBC Leasing is committed to helping the customers improve their financial return and providing quality leasing consulting service for them through structural design and tax arrangements.

IV. Contact Information
Telephone: 86-10-66105898,66105881,66105850,66105840
Fax: 86-10-66105999
Email: market@leasing.icbc.com.cn

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