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Merging and Acquiring Loans

I. Introduction
The Merging and Acquiring Loans refer to the ones ICBC grants to merging parties or their subsidiaries to pay merging transaction prices.

II. Application Conditions
The applicants applying for the loans must operate in line with legal requirements with fine credit records, and belong to ICBC’s high-quality customers; the applications must comply with state industrial policies and ICBC’s credit policies; merging transactions must be conducted with regulations and rules; the merging party and the one being merged share high industrial correlations or strategic relevance, and the applications must conform to ICBC’s other requirements.

III. Helpful Tips
Based on the regulations from China Banking Regulatory Commission, merging parties or their specific subsidiaries can’t use merging and acquiring loans to pay other funds under the name of the merging agreements, and the loans can’t be used to pay other funds beyond the merge transactions.

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