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Loans to Small Enterprises in Special Markets

I. Solution Approach
The many markets in China for merchants engaged in particular commerce and trades have been prospered on the back of the China's thriving economic growth and regional development in recent years, in terms of industry base, logistics and business operation. They present a rosy prospect for ICBC to provide loan services to the small business owners in these special markets.

ICBC offers professional financial services and solutions tailored to groups of small enterprises in different developed special markets, who have similar business model and characteristics among themselves. ICBC processes the loan applications under one roof and manages the loans to small enterprises in batches under sound risk management.

II. Selection Criteria of a Special Market
1. A main hub in China or in the province for the particular merchandize, one of the top listed markets in terms of transaction turnover and number of companies in the market.
2. Years of establishment, good brand, good word-of-mouth, good market synergy.
3. Good management mechanism and system, ability to provide necessary support to ICBC about the credibility of the small enterprises and supervisory companies in the market.
4. Stable operation and prospect, no risk of relocation, environmental protection, no involvement in any legal proceeding or disputes.

III. Solution Highlights
1. Loans are specially for small business customers in the special markets, running good business, stable supply channels, good business relationship with counterparties, good record of performing contracts.
2. Specific requirements on the new borrowers, loan products, loan amount, loan tenure and guarantee measures in line with the characteristics of special markets and customers.
3. Need support from the management party of the markets, guarantee companies, logistics companies to provide ICBC with reassurance that the borrowers will honor the obligation by incorporating credit enhancement, using the information and mechanism specific to the market internal.

Note: Information herein is for reference only. Refer to the announcements and regulations of local branches for further details. ICBC reserves the final right of interpretation.

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