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Project Loan

I. Introduction
A loan released to the borrower for the investment in fixed asset with regards to financing new property, extension or renovation of the existing property, new development or acquisition.
Flexible term, generally mid-to-long term, or sometimes short-term loan for quick turnaround of fast cash.

Different combination, if required by the customers, bank acceptance draft or non-financing guarantee can be issued under the project loan, or applying for domestic or international trade finance.

II. Target Client
Independent-audited corporate company, government unit or other economic entities registered under the Administrative Authority of Industry and Commerce (or Management Authority).

III. Application Conditions
Applicants must meet the following conditions:
(I) Primary deposit A/C or general deposit A/C opened in ICBC.
(II) Project meets the conditions of State laws and regulations, industry policy and ICBC credit policy.
(III) Borrower has good credit standing, strong ability to pay back the loan, good management practices.
(IV) Other conditions stipulated by ICBC.

IV. Sign Up
(I) Customers submit written application to ICBC and all the required written documents.
(II) Once the application accepted by ICBC, ICBC will proceed to due diligence, appraisal, review and approval.
(III) Both sides sign contract once the loan is approved.

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