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Precious Metal

Loan Pledged under Precious Metal
A loan service where precious metal recognized by ICBC is used as pledge for the loan. Two types of pledges: good delivery precious metal of Shanghai Gold Exchange, and "Ruyi gold" – the physical gold issued by ICBC and can be sold back to ICBC…

Physical Gold Leasing
This is a service for qualified corporate clients to lease gold from ICBC and pay leasing fees in RMB as agreed in the contract. The lessee repays gold of the same amount when the contract expires. Gold offered for leasing are traded and delivered at Shanghai Gold Exchange…

Agency Gold Trading Business
ICBC is a key market maker in China's gold market and one of the four gold clearing banks designated by Shanghai Gold Exchange. Today, ICBC has partnership with many respected overseas gold dealers. ICBC, being a market maker, will provide services for Exchange members…

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