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Bank-Enterprise Interlink

I. Introduction
Bank-enterprise interlink is an e-banking product ICBC offers to high end clients, which by linking ICBC's system with the enterprise's financial system, allows the enterprise to conduct such banking operations as account management, transfer and payment through its own financial system, and to customize its financial system by selecting and adding into it ICBC's Internet banking functions.

Bank-enterprise link has multiple functions such as comprehensive payment, comprehensive collection, automatic fund centralization and allocation at a fixed time, fund centralization and allocation through ERP at an unfixed time, reservation of account balance, electronic verification of account, electronic salary sheet, which can meet corporate clients' need for integrated cash flow management including the inflow, inner flow, and outflow of cash.

II. Target Client
Bank-enterprise Interlink is suited for all corporate Internet banking clients, especially those large-scale group enterprises (the army, public service enterprises, large-scale group corporations, financial companies, accounting centers) which expect to realize central fund management, have a high demand for real-time and simultaneous update of corporate financial information and bank account information, emphasize the efficiency of financial operation, and are equipped with ERP system or financial software systems.

III. Features
1. Simultaneous update of bank-enterprise instructions and data, ensuring that banking operations are efficient and real time.
With Bank-enterprise interlink, the bank and the enterprise' financial systems can be directly linked. The client can conduct banking operations through its own financial system, thus accomplish the simultaneous update of bank-enterprise instructions and data, and ensure highly efficiency of corporate financial management and timely feedback of financial information.
2. Comprehensive account inquiry services.
Bank-enterprise interlink provides a set of inquiry services such as inquiry on fee submitting account number, processing status of the instruction of payment or collection, balances of multiple accounts, account activities on the current day, record of comprehensive payment and collection, record of fund centralization (clearing)/allocation; and, with information and record supplemented by the counter, provides real-time, accurate and comprehensive verification of account. 
3. Customizing your system
With the interface provided by ICBC, the client can select and increase different functions according his management needs, and realize customized settings, such as the operation interface, access control, model of fund management, directional relations between accounts, time period for processing of instructions, and format of the reconciliation statement.
4. Strong system compatibility
The interface of Bank-enterprise interlink can be customized and thus can support various corporate financial management systems or bank-enterprise interlink systems such as Oracle, SAP, Yongyou and Jindie. ICBC Bank-enterprise interlink can perform most functions of the Standard edition of corporate Internet banking; moreover, you can select and rearrange the basic functions of corporate Internet banking to meet your personal financial needs through your financial management software system.

IV. Application Condition
Corporate clients which have opened payment and settlement accounts at ICBC, and also possess independent ERP systems.

V. Sign up
1. Signing an agreement
The enterprise shall sign the ICBC Bank-Enterprise Interlink Service Agreement with ICBC after both parties have reached agreement on what functions to be installed and how much fee to be paid.
2. Submitting the development proposal
After receiving documents about the interface and the technological development manual, the client shall learn the interface development instructions, and submit the Development Proposal for Bank-enterprise Interlink to the E-banking department or the charging department of his account opening bank branch and prepare for the development.
3. Fill in the application forms
ICBC shall assist the client in filling in the ICBC Bank-Enterprise Interlink Registration and Application Form for Corporate Clients and its supplementary form. The client shall submit this form, the copy of ICBC Bank-Enterprise Interlink Service Agreement and copied of other application documents to the E-banking department or the charging department of his account opening bank branch.
4. Joint test
After the client completes the interface development, he shall discuss with his account opening bank branch about the contents and time of the joint test, submit the Bank-Enterprise Interlink Test Proposal, and formally apply for the test. The bank branch shall consider what functions the client expect to fulfill when choosing key contents for the test based on the Key Points for Bank-Enterprise Interlink Test. The enterprise and the bank shall complete the test according to the Bank-Enterprise Interlink Test Proposal and the Key Points for Bank-Enterprise Interlink Test. The enterprise or its financial software developer shall also submit a Bank-Enterprise Interlink Test Summary to the bank.
5. The system put into application
After the enterprise or its financial software developer completes necessary preparations, the enterprise shall submit an Application Form for Appliance of Bank-Enterprise Interlink. After the account opening bank branch reviews and approves its application, the enterprise will be given a certificate and put the system into use.
6. Verification of the application
The account opening bank branch shall assist the client in verifying such functions as account inquiry and fund transfer; after which the Bank-Enterprise Interlink will be formally applied.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
Corporate ERP or financial system

Ⅶ. Definition
Comprehensive payment: Payment can reach any RMB or foreign currency account inside or outside the group; also, payment can be paid into accounts in the same city (at the same or different bank branch) or different cities within the ICBC system, or accounts in the same city or different cities outside the ICBC system.

Comprehensive collection: A high-quality service that ICBC will collect fees for you from your customers who have authorized ICBC or have signed contracts with ICBC (briefly addressed as "fee-paying customers").You can collect fees and have fund transferred into your account rapidly by using this service.

Fund centralization: According to your request, this service can realize periodic and automatic collection of fund from the accounts of sub-level units within your group to the account of the top-level unit; at the same time, the system can perform fund centralization at an unfixed time upon your instruction. This service only supports RMB.

Fund allocation: The direction of fund flow is opposite to that of fund centralization. According to your request, this service can realize periodic and automatic allocation of fund from the account the top-level unit to accounts of sub-level units. This service also supports only RME.

Electronic verification of account: The ICBC system will, according to the format of the reconciliation statement required by the group client, automatically send comprehensive account information to the ERP system of the client at fixed times. On the other hand, you can also inquire on account verification through the ERP system. The inquiry services can be categorized as the following: inquiry on account balance, inquiry on processing status of the instruction of comprehensive payment or collection, inquiry on reconciliation statement, inquiry on record of comprehensive payment and collection, inquiry on record of fund centralization/allocation, inquiry on agreed fee submitting account number, and inquiry on account activities on the current day.    
Salary sheet: After the corporate client provides ICBC with information about its salary sheets, ICBC will insert it into a database, which facilitates employees of the corporate client to inquire their salary sheet via personal Internet banking, and also performs such functions as inquiry and deletion of files for the corporate client.

Entrusted management of negotiable instrument: This service allows the group client to record and inquire the information about the negotiable instruments held by its subsidiaries, and also conduct such operations as discount, pledge, transfer and collection of negotiable instruments. Inquiry on notes allows the client not only to inquire information about negotiable instruments recorded by the group, but also information about negotiable instruments recorded by its subsidiaries. The group client, after entrusting ICBC to manage the negotiable instruments of its subsidiaries, can be informed of status of all negotiable instruments within the group real time, and conduct operations such as discount, transfer, collection of negotiable instruments through corporate Internet banking.

Ⅷ. Risks
Please keep your corporate Internet banking client certificate and password safely, avoiding risk of account information exposure or fund stolen due to loss of certificate or password.

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