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Online Application

I. Introduction
Online Application refers to the function by which you can fill in online application forms through Internet Banking or ICBC Portal to sign up for all kinds of banking services.

II. Target Client
Registered clients of Internet Banking and clients of ICBC Portal.

III. Features
1. The services that can be applied are extensive, not confined to Internet Banking businesses or other banking services of a single area.
2. You are exempt from going to the branch and hence can save time.

IV. Service Channel and Time
"Banking@Home" Personal Internet Banking, ICBC Portal provides you with 7x24hours of round-the-clock services.

V. Operation Guide
1. Clients who have registered ICBC Internet Banking can submit applications and make inquiries through the online application function under "Internet Banking-> Clients' Service".
2. Clients who have not registered ICBC Internet Banking can apply and inquire applications through ICBC Portal.

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