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Corporate Telephone Banking

I. Introduction
Corporate telephone banking is a kind of E-banking that ICBC, based on computer telephony integration technology, uses voice self-service and operator service to provide financial services to corporate clients.
1. Account service: inquiry on account balance, account activities on the current day, and historical account activities.
2. Bill inquiry: inquiry on cash check, check for transfer, bank draft, and bank acceptance draft.
3. Fax service: inquiry on account activities on the day the fax is sent and historical account activities. This service allows the enterprise to learn the account activities directly, facilitating verification of the account with the bank in later times.

II. Target Client
Corporate clients who have opened accounts at ICBC and enjoy good credit standing, including enterprises, administrative institutions and social organizations.

III. Features
1. Easy operation, double services
ICBC telephone banking allows the corporate client to choose either the convenient and fast voice self-service or the more personalized operator service as he prefers. Operations for telephone banking are simple. The client need only dial 95588 and press keys according to the voice prompts to complete the operations. 
2. Time-saving, flexible and convenient
With ICBC telephone banking, no more running between ICBC and the company and queuing at the counter. All you need is just a phone and call 95588 anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, right at your home.
3. Advanced technology, safe and reliable
Backed by ICBC's advanced computer telephony integration technology and communication encryption technology, you can enjoy safe and reliable financial services.

IV. Application Condition
The client shall open an account at ICBC and present its account opening bank branch with required materials.

V. Sign up
The corporate client shall register at the ICBC outlet. The Applicant (your company) shall submit a Letter of Authorization for the handler, the ID card of the handler, and a completed ICBC Corporate E-banking Registration Application Form stamped with the client's official seal (identical with the one reserved at the account opening bank branch). After the documents are examined and approved by ICBC, the client shall sign the ICBC Corporate Telephone Banking Service Agreement, and complete the registration process. Enterprises which have already applied for the classic card certificate or the gold card certificate can use the certificate to register for corporate telephone banking. Enterprises without certificates will get the classic card certificate or gold card certificate at the counter.

Ⅵ. Considerations
1. Please read the rules and regulations carefully before opening corporate telephone banking, and duly fill in the ICBC Corporate Telephone Banking Application Form which should be stamped with your official seal. You are welcome to contact the ICBC business office processing your application in case of any question.
2. Clients can only open corporate telephone banking at their account opening bank branch.
3. Clients not holding any ICBC card certificate (classic card or gold Card) should apply for a card certificate (classic card or gold Card) while registering for ICBC Corporate Telephone Banking.
4. The Client No. set will automatically turn invalid if not used for over six months.

Ⅶ. Risks
Please keep your telephone banking information and password safely, avoiding risk of account information exposure due to loss of password.

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