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Online Reconciliation

I. Introduction
Online reconciliation refers to such services as account balance inquiry and account details inquiry which ICBC provides to corporate clients who need self-service reconciliation of accounts. This can mainly be divided into two categories: account reconciliation between enterprises and account reconciliation between bank and enterprise.

II. Target Client
Corporate clients who need self-service reconciliation of accounts.

III. Features
1. Independent and efficient. Account reconciliation between bank and enterprise allows the clients to check the accounts independently through self-service and saves the clients the trouble to go to the counter to get the reconciliation statement, which greatly enhances the efficiency. 
2. Advanced and comprehensive. ICBC takes the lead to introduce the concept and information about outstanding items (enterprise's outstanding items, bank's outstanding items) into e-banking, and demonstrate it in the reconciliation statement issued through Corporate Internet Banking.
3. Multiple choices. The reconciliation statement can be generated on a monthly or quarterly basis. The client can choose to print the reconciliation statement and reconcile the accounts in a traditional manner; or they can choose to download the reconciliation statement (in the format of TXT, EXCEL and PDF) and enter it into their own financial systems to enable automatic reconciliation of accounts.
4. Safe and reliable. As the service adopts a code authentication scheme, the client can log onto Internet banking and type in the number of the reconciliation statement and the anti-counterfeiting code to verify the validity of the statement, which helps guarantee the truth of the reconciliation statement. 
5. Convenient and user-friendly. This service allows inquiry on/reservation of the reconciliation of accounts, thus you can inquire about the reconciliation of certain accounts and book the service of door-to-door reconciliation through ICBC Corporate Internet Banking, the bank will reply as soon as possible.

IV. Application Condition
Clients need to register for ICBC Corporate Internet Banking at the counter, and can use this service then.

V. Sign up
Any enterprise or social group which has opened the settlement account at ICBC can open this service after registering for ICBC Corporate Internet Banking at the counter. When the group client wants to reconcile their accounts with the subsidiaries, the client need to first obtain the authorization from the subsidiaries.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
The General, Certificate and SME edition of ICBC Corporate Internet Banking.

Ⅶ. Considerations
1. Only deposit accounts and loan accounts registered in the Internet bank can use the service of account reconciliation.
2. You can use the services of  "account balance reconciliation" and "account details reconciliation" to reconcile the accounts, among which the former focuses on account balance reconciliation and is supplemented by account details reconciliation; while the latter can only be used on the precondition that account balance reconciliation is completed.
3. If the balances match each other, that the client makes confirmation is seen as returning the online reconciliation information to ICBC; if the balances does not match, that the client makes and submits the balance adjustment table is seen as returning the online reconciliation information to ICBC.
4. You should complete account reconciliation within 30 days after ICBC has generated the balance statement. In case of any delay, ICBC will take it as you have confirmed the validity of account balance.
5. For the same account, you can choose only between online reconciliation and mailing of the reconciliation statement. After the online account reconciliation service is opened, mailing of the reconciliation statement is terminated automatically. If you want to change the way of delivering reconciliation statement, you need to go to the counter to reapply.
6. You can inquire about the reconciliation statements in the past six months prior to the inquiry date.

Ⅷ. Definition
Account reconciliation: Services for corporate client who have opened self-help account reconciliation service, including account balance reconciliation and account details reconciliation.

Account reconciliation between bank and enterprise: Services including inquiry on the account balance at present within the reconciliation period, account balance reconciliation and account details reconciliation.

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