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Personal Financial Analysis Software

I. Introduction
Personal Financial Analysis Software refers to a range of ICBC services for accounting records of income and expenses, asset and liability, financial analysis and statistics, financial planning and report, financial plan and wealth management alert.

II. Target Client
Registered customers of Personal Internet Banking (holding USB-Shield/Code Card) are all welcomed to use the online financial management software on trial or buy the software directly via Internet Banking.

1. Easy steps, full range of accounting functions.
Accounts for statistics cover all the financial products currently available in the market and commonly used by individual customers. That includes accounts for cash, current deposit, fixed deposit, call deposit, treasury bond, fund, wealth management product, account precious metal, physical precious metal, loan, provident fund, annuity, investment-type insurance and credit card.
2. User-friendly design, real-time calculation and display of the result in pie chart or bar chart.
Analyze and compute based on the financial standing of the customers. Results are generated in pie or bar chart for customers to have a complete and direct view on the financial status.

IV.Sign Up
Anytime you are welcomed to logon Internet Banking under Online Financial Management Software and sign agreement directly to try or buy the software.

1. Data in online accounts are updated in T+1 days.
2. Calculation for wealth management product, fund, account precious metal, physical precious metal and FX deposits are based on the net value or exchange rate the day before.
3. Up to 15 income and expense items can be set for income/expense budget table.
4. Offline accounts support the maintenance of many types of personal accounts.
5 If you do not buy or extend the trial period one month after the online financial management software expired, all information in the offline account will be cleared.

Ⅵ. Definition
Online account – an account that can retrieve information directly from ICBC Internet Banking.
Offline account – an account that cannot retrieve information directly from ICBC Internet Banking, primary details and transaction details must be manually entered by the customers.

Information herein is for reference only. ICBC Limited reserves the right of final interpretation. Refer to the announcements and regulations of local branches for further details.