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Personal E-Receipt

I. Introduction 
Personal E-Receipt is a service for you to generate, inquire, download, print and verify payment E-receipt after remittance, bill payment and B2C transactions on ICBC Internet Banking.

Through this function, you can make inquiries about all the E-receipt of the receipt and payment instructions you submit on ICBC Internet Banking, including payment of Internet Banking fee, online shopping, online transfer/remittance, online transfer/remittance (no account), online batch transfer/remittance, overseas FX remittance, online bill payment and tuition payment. You can also download and print the E-receipt, and make E-receipt verification through ICBC Portal.

II. Target Client
ICBC Personal Clients with the demand of learning about account trading details and obtaining trading certificate.

III. Features
1. Authenticity and authority. E-receipt includes all details of payment and receipts with the ICC E-receipt stamp. Every E-receipt is marked with a verification code for authentication and certification.
2. Safe and reliable. You can use the function of E-receipt authentication on ICBC homepage for verifying the authenticity of the E-receipt, thus provided with another important means to avoid risks.

IV. Sign up
If you are registered clients of ICBC Personal Internet Banking, you can use the function of E-receipt authentication to verify the E-receipt.

If you are not registered clients of ICBC Personal Internet Banking, you can use the function of E-receipt authentication provided by ICBC Chinese Portal to verity the E-receipt.

V. Service Channel and Time
ICBC Chinese Portal and Personal Internet Banking provide you with 7×24 hours of round-the-clock services.

Ⅵ. Considerations
1. The E-receipt provided by ICBC is only for reference of accounting or delivery, but is not an official receipt.
2. E-receipt is available for the following services: "Bill Detail Inquiry", "Online Shopping Detail Inquiry", "Transfer/Remittance Inquiry", "Batch Transfer/Remittance Inquiry", "Domestic Outward Remittance Inquiry", "Trading Detail Inquiry" and "Tuition Payment Inquiry".

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