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Corporation Financing Products

I. Introduction
The Corporate Internet Banking client financial management product is based on ICBC's "Corporation Financial Management System", which provides services such as information inquiry on financial products, purchase and sale of financial products, termination of operation and account management. You can open accounts, inquire, purchase products and manage your account.

II. Target Client
This service can be widely applied. Our targets cover all corporate clients who need financial management.

III. Features
1. Diversified transaction channels: After opening financial management accounts at the counter, corporate clients can either conduct transactions through Internet Banking or over the counter. The financial products purchased at the counter can be sold out through Internet banking or vice versa according to the client’s demand.
2. Efficient operation processes. Corporate clients can purchase products, inquire, cancel operation, sell products through Internet Banking and need not to queue at the counter. 
3. A variety of products. You can inquire information about and purchase financial products that can be traded in open market, ultra short term and fixed term financial products, non-fixed term financial products and QDII products.

IV. Application Condition
ICBC Corporate Internet Banking clients
The Internet Banking certificate should contain "Function of Financial Management"

V. Service Channel and Time
The certificate edition of Corporate Internet Banking

Ⅵ. Demo
Please click here to view the service demonstration. Enter "Investment and Financial Management" ->"ICBC financial products".

Ⅶ. Market Quotes
Log onto www.icbc.com.cn to learn more information about the financial products.

Ⅷ. Considerations
1. Only one corporation financial management account can be opened in an area with the same client information.
2. If you want to purchase any financial product, please carefully read the product descriptions first.
3. Enterprises can sign agreements to achieve automated investment in financial products, and can conduct such operations on the agreement as "inquiry", "Transaction details", "changing settings", "Stop/Renew", "Agreement extension" and "Terminating the agreement".

Ⅸ. Definition
1. Opening of financial management account: Open the financial management account online.
2. Product inquiry/purchase: Inquire information about different types of RMB financial products and foreign exchange financial products issued by ICBC. Conduct operations to purchase products or start automated investment service.
3. Stake inquiry/redemption: Inquire how many shares of each ICBC financial product are held, or redeem products.
4. Modification of stake: Change the shares of a financial product held.
5. Transaction order cancellation: Cancel the purchase order or the order to terminate the transaction in advance which is submitted through Internet banking and has not taken effect.
6. Inquiry/Modification/Termination of financial investment agreements: Inquire, modify or terminate the automated investment service agreement or the rolling-type financial management agreement which are signed through Internet banking or at the counter and are still effective.
7. Transaction account adjustment: Adjust or change the financial management transaction account online. 
8. Cancelation of financial management transaction account: Cannel the financial management transaction account online. 
9. Transaction orders inquiry: Inquire about the status of transaction orders submitted by the operator or being verified.
10. Inquiry on transaction details on the current day: Inquire about details of financial products transactions on the current day.
11. Inquiry on transaction details in history: Inquire about details of financial products transactions in history.

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