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Business Card Management

I. Introduction 
Business card management allows corporate clients to achieve centralized management of their business cards and corporate cards through corporate Internet banking. The function of managing Business Card in Corporate Internet Banking offers three sub-functions for the customers: Business Card services, American Express Company Card services, and auto-transfer services. 

II. Target Client
Clients demanding centralized management of business cards and corporate cards.

III. Features
1. Convenient for corporate clients to conduct centralized management on the business cards and corporate cards of their subsidiaries and coordinate card management with accounting; enhancing the service of Corporate Internet Banking.
2. A function for binding with company account. If the credit limit in the Business Card is not enough for B2B payment, amount will be automatically transferred from the company account to the Business Card to make up the shortfall for you to complete the B2B payment.

IV. Application Condition
ICBC corporate Internet banking clients.

V. Sign up
Apply for registering as ICBC's corporate Internet banking client. For details, please click the link. 
If you need to open the Corporate American Express card service, you need also fill out the ICBC Peony Express Card Information Sheet.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
The Corporate Internet Banking Certificate Edition (also the Standard and SME edition) provides 7×24 hour non-stop service.

Ⅶ. Considerations
Corporate customers who use Business Card for B2B payment must sign up the auto-transfer service by company's primary A/C.

Ⅷ. Definition
Business card: A type of credit card which ICBC grants corporate clients with a certain credit limit, and which card holders can use to pay expenditures, conduct fund transfer and settlement.

Express business card: The essential difference between express business card service and business card service is that for the former, a corporate structure must be built up within the banking system. As to the corporation, management of financial statements and financial limits at different levels can be achieved by establishing accounts at different levels; at the same time it is also more convenient for the bank to set different credit limits for the corporation, the departments, and the individuals.

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