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Personalized Menu of Telephone Banking

I. Introduction
In order to simplify the operation of ICBC telephone banking and provide clients with more convenient and personalized services, ICBC adds "Personalized Menu" function into its automatic voice service and operator assistance service. By applying this function, you can make your personalized voice menu according to your need and operation habits. When logging on Telephone Banking, you can enter the shortcut menu directly to realize both convenient and personalized operation and for that matter, to improve service efficiency.

II. Features
Personalized menu are designed for customers. Convenient, fast and friendly telephone banking servces are available to all with shortcut menu tailored for each customer.

Easy to use: If one of your registered cards has been subscribed shortcut menu, no need to subscribe shortcut menu again for your other telephone banking registration cards.  

Comprehensive functions: Functions available in personlized menu are: account enquiry, transfer/remittance, report loss (self-service), FX trading, fund, bond, third-party depositary, gold trading in USD, gold trading in RMB, physical gold, telephone payment, customer service, revolving loans, call deposit, profile of bank products, enquiry on financial news, annuity or account details, cancellation of petty account and bill payment.

III. Target Client
Customers holding ICBC Money Link Card or Elite Club Card and have registered telephone banking either at the counter or through self-service. 

IV. Service Channel and Time
ICBC Telephone Banking provides you with 7×24 hours of round-the-clock services.

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