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Check Enterprise Annuity

I. Introduction 
Check Enterprise Annuity is a service for personal clients to inquire information relevant to their enterprise annuity, such as basic information, bill payment, investment, returns and payment through ICBC Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, multimedia self-service terminals and ATM. Meanwhile, the service also enables personal clients to modify some of the basic information through self-service.

II. Target Client
Enterprise employees who participate in enterprise annuity plan and choose the ICBC enterprise annuity account management service.

III. Features
On Aug. 2, 2005, ICBC obtained the qualifications of an Enterprise Annuity Fund Manager and Trustee among the first batch of accreditation released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China, the only of the commercial bank in China to receive the two qualifications. In Nov. 2007, ICBC again attained the qualification of the trust management of Enterprise Annuity. Based on its strong Corporate Internet Banking products and service system, ICBC is able to provide clients with all-dimensional and convenient enterprise annuity account inquiry services, which are featured with the following advantages:
1. Comprehensive information. ICBC provides information inquiry relevant to personal account of enterprise annuity, including basic information, bill payment information, investment information, etc. Besides, ICBC also provides self-modification service, so that clients can modify their contact information and other information irrelevant to the interest of the annuity at any time. Moreover, ICBC Personal Internet Banking also offers the service for clients to download their Personal Annuity Statement. 
2. Easy to use. ICBC provides clients with 7*24 hours' services of Check Enterprise Annuity. Clients who have opened annuity account at ICBC can log on ICBC Personal Internet Banking or call 95588 Telephone Banking at any time, or use the multimedia self-service terminal and ATM for inquiry of enterprise annuity related information, so as to timely learn about the operation of the enterprise annuity fund.

IV. Application Condition
All personal clients who participate in enterprise annuity plan and choose the ICBC enterprise annuity account management service can sign up for the service.

V. Sign up
Sign up for Internet Banking or Telephone Banking at the counter or sign up for Internet Banking by self-service.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
ICBC Personal Internet Banking (including the passbook version) and Telephone Banking provide you with 7x24 hours of round-the-clock inquiry service, while you can also make inquiry of personal annuity information through ICBC multimedia self-service terminal and ATM.

Ⅶ. Considerations
The inquiry results of enterprise annuity through E-banking are only for your reference. If you have questions about the data displayed in your annuity personal account, please contact the annuity management department of your enterprise.

Ⅷ. Definition
Enterprise Annuity: is a kind of pension system participated voluntarily by enterprises and their employees supplementary to the basic old-age insurance set aside by law.

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