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Domestic Letter of Credit
I. Introduction
This is a service for ICBC Corporate Internet Banking customers to apply for opening or updating of domestic L/C via Internet Banking. Other functions include approval of L/C opening, enquiry and loan service.

II. Features and Advantages
1. Convenient: The eligible customers can submit application for L/C opening or loan via Corporate Internet Banking as one way to get working capital and improve the use of funds.
2. Flexible: Services are available through Corporate Internet Banking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

III. Target Clients
1. Corporate clients who use L/C to do business worldwide.
2. Corporate Internet Banking customers who are in need of short-term funds.

IV. Definitions
Domestic letter of credit: A document issued by L/C opening bank according to applicant's application, which provides a payment undertaking against the L/C terms. A domestic letter of credit is an irrevocable, non-negotiable documentary credit agreement.
Packing loan: A short-term loan for the seller (beneficiary of domestic L/C) to cover the cost of goods, material, production and shipment prior to export of the goods. The packing loan is repaid once the expected payment of goods is received.
Seller's credit: A recourse financing facility against domestic L/C's unpaid outstanding account receivable. ICBC will grant the loan after confirmation is received from L/C opening bank for payment when due.
Buyer's credit: At the request of the L/C applicant, ICBC and the L/C applicant reach agreement that the ownership of the L/C documents and goods is transferred to ICBC. ICBC releases the documents under trust and makes payment to the outside party first.

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