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Housing Provident Fund Inquiry

I. Introduction 
Housing provident fund inquiry is a service of ICBC which enables clients to inquire basic information and details about their housing provident fund through Personal Internet Banking.

II. Target Client
Registered clients of ICBC Personal Internet Banking who need to inquire information of their housing provident fund.

III. Features
Clients no longer need to go outdoors to inquire information about submission and collection of their housing provident fund, and to get informed of basic information and change in the account containing their housing provident fund in time.

IV. Application Condition
1. Clients must use the ICBC Entrusted Housing Financial Services System or clients of the housing provident fund management center.
2. Clients must have registered ICBC Personal Internet Banking.

V. Service Channel and Time
ICBC Personal Internet Banking provides 7*24-hour non-stop services.

Ⅵ. Definition
1. Entrusted Housing Financial Services: Commercial banks are entrusted by the municipal administrative department of housing provident fund to provide such financial services as deposit, loan, and settlement.
2. Housing provident fund management center: It refers to a non-for-profit institutional unit which administers collection, utilization and management of housing provident fund.

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