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Online Loan Repayment

I. Introduction
Online loan repayment is a service which allows corporate clients to repay their RMB credit loans through Internet banking, though the loan granting procedures were carried out at the counter. You can use this service to repay loans on line and inquire information about your loans. After the client commits the instruction, ICBC will debit the repayment amount from the payer's settlement account, write it off from the loan account and calculate the interest accordingly.

II. Target Client
Corporate clients demanding RMB loan repayment service.

III. Features
1. Clients can inquire information about their loans conveniently and get informed real time. Clients can inquire information about the receipts of loans, about whether the loan period is due, and choose whether to repay their credit loans accordingly.
2. Simple operations and high efficiency. Clients can repay their credit loans through Internet Banking, which saves time and greatly enhances the efficiency of the financial clerks' work.

IV. Application Condition
Registered ICBC Corporate Internet Banking clients who have opened loan accounts in ICBC and borrowed RMB credit loans from ICBC.

V. Sign up
You need to submit the Application Form for ICBC Corporate Internet Banking Clients to Modify (Cancel) Items and the Information Form of Corporate Client's Certificate and its Subsidiaries, fill the loan account needed inquiry into the column of "Account" in the Information Form of Corporate Client's Certificate and its Subsidiaries, and fill "loan account" into the column of "Remarks".
Please also register your loan account in the ICBC Corporate Internet Banking.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
ICBC Corporate Internet Banking

Ⅶ. Product link
Loan Inquiry

Ⅷ. Interest rate
Loan interest rate

Ⅸ. Considerations
1. Online loan repayment service only supports RMB credit loans that are borrowed at the counter.
2. Online loan repayment service only supports full payment.
3. Online loan service supports loans undue or overdue.
4. Online loan service only supports the accounts whose account names are the same.

Ⅹ. Definition
Credit loan: loans that are made on personal credit, real operational experience and assets, rather than against some security or mortgage.

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