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Online Banking Mart

I. Introduction
Using the ICBC portal website as the carrier, Online Banking Mart encompasses demo for all kinds of financial products, self-service instructions for buying product, one-time payment for the products bought and integrated information service. It is a platform for selling ICBC own products or agency products that ICBC represents, offering "one-stop" service for customers to access all-inclusive, speedier and more convenient banking services. Currently at this online banking mart, customers are welcomed to look up information on investment products, select the products, confirm the buying quantity, centralize the purchase and payment, and mange the products bought.

II. Target Clients
General website-visiting customers: Look up ICBC financial products in Banking Mart.
Customers who have signed up ICBC Personal Internet Banking: Look up ICBC financial products in Banking Mart, buy the products and make payment in real time.
Customers who have registered as ICBC website members and signed up Personal Internet Banking: Besides looking up and buying ICBC financial products in Banking Mart, making payement and settlement, customers can also check the history orders via “Banking Mart” and Personal Internet Banking.

III. Features
1. Independent sales platform display: A professional and centralized platform for displaying all the latest investment and wealth management products as well as sale news of the product. Many products can be sold at one time in Banking Mart.
2. Diversifed product news at one point. All investment and wealth management products are collected under one roof. Apart from the independent product profiles, here you can find out in real-time which products are in hot sale, income comparison between same types of products, customers’ investment opinions on the products, profolio sales of products. These are reliable information for making the right investment.
3. Buy-and-Pay: "Shopping Cart", "Cashier Desk", "Order", "Cancel Order" are the tools and functions for payment and settlement. You choose the product and pay, in just one step, as easy as you do "Online Shopping", simple, fast.
4. Flexible interactive system: Here you can give your opinions and buying recommendations on a product, including functions of "Customer Interaction" and "Hot Sale Products."
5. One-stop service: A one-stop service for getting information, buying product, making payment and settlement, and for managing the products bought.

IV.Sign up
1. If you only look up ICBC financial products in Banking Mart, no need to sign up.
2. If you need to buy and pay the ICBC financial products via Banking Mart, you have to sign up ICBC Personal Internet Banking.
3. If you need to buy and pay the ICBC financial products via Banking Mart, and you also wish to look up the history orders, you have to sign up ICBC Personal Internet Banking and register as ICBC website members.

Website-registered members can view history orders and use the function of "Manage Orders". System also keeps a record of the last products in "Shopping Cart" not yet paid. This will facilitate you to pick up many products to buy and pay over a period.

Ⅵ. Considerations
1. After picking the goods and put into the shopping cart, click "To cashier desk", follow the system prompt and logon Personal Internet Banking, click "Banking Mart -Cashier Desk -Payment" to make the payment. Avoid any time gap in between or start the browser again to logon Pesonal Internet Banking.
2. Separate the "payment" if you pick many products to buy at one time. Products are separately paid by category when you make payment at "Internet Banking -Banking Mart - Cashier Desk".

Ⅶ. Definition
Registered Members: They are ICBC customers who have registered through ICBC website. They are entitled to all the services provided by ICBC website: online forum, simulated transaction, online mall, ICBC college and many information tools.

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