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Savings T-bonds (Electronic)

I. Introduction
Savings T-bonds (Electronic) are non-negotiable RMB bonds issued by Ministry of Finance in the People's Republic of China and sold to individuals by underwriters. Ownership of bonds is recorded electronically.

Savings T-bonds (Electronic) are electronic records of creditors' right under custody by China Government Securities Depository Trust & Clearing Co. Ltd and banks. Interest and bond payment are completed automatically through the systems of banks for investors to buy bonds safer, faster and easier. Savings T-bonds can be redeemed in advance, transferred in non-transaction manner or pledged under loan.

If you are interested to buy savings T-bonds (electronic), open a bond custody account first in ICBC for the registration of the claims on the savings T-bonds (electronic) you held. You also need to assign an ICBC current A/C as a clearing account for the bonds.

II. Target Clients
Individual customers who wish to buy savings T-bonds (electronic) and earn stable interest by holding the bonds to maturity.

III. Service Channels and Hours
Customers who are interested can buy at ICBC outlets or online via Personal Internet Banking; buying savings T-bonds (electronic) must be during offering period (8:30-16:30 everyday during the offering period. Actual service hours refer to the announcement by Ministry of Finance and People's Bank of China).

IV. Steps
(I) Open account
ICBC outlet: Open a bond custody A/C in person at any ICBC outlet, use your identity document and fill in the Application Form for Bond A/C Services. 
Internet Banking: Login Personal Internet Banking, go to "Online Bond" and open a bond custody A/C.

Friendly reminder: If you wish to open bond custody A/C online, you have to go to ICBC outlet to sign up Personal Internet Banking service first for the clearing account specified.

(II) Subscribe
ICBC outlet: To subscribe, bring your valid identity document, bond custody A/C or the settlement A/C specified when opening the bond custody A/C, go to ICBC outlet with the service available and fill in the Bond Trading Voucher to continue.

Internet Banking: Login Personal Internet Banking, go to "Online Bond" -> "Savings T-bond (Electronic), submit application to subscribe.

Friendly reminder: Before you submit the application via Internet Banking, you have to go to ICBC outlet to sign up Personal Internet Banking service first for the clearing account specified when opening the bond custody A/C.

V. Features and Advantages
1. Among the 38 underwriting members, ICBC was certified as one of the three underwriting members in first pilot scheme to sell savings T-bonds (electronic) via Internet Banking. ICBC offers greater access for investors to subscribe bonds.
2. All ICBC outlets offering retail banking services welcome customers to buy savings T-bonds (electronic). Cutting-edge ICBC system allows customers to buy very easily, as well as accurate and secure registration of ownership of bonds.
3. ICBC Savings T-bond (electronic) can be bought and redeemed nationwide, no fee is charged for inter-city buying/selling.
4. ICBC Telephone Banking supports nationwide roaming inter-city enquiry. Anytime, anywhere customers can call local 95588 to look up the bond custody A/C in other cities.

VI. Considerations
1. Limited savings T-bonds (electronic) are offered for sale in each tranche, those who are interested should buy early.

2. Only one bond custody A/C can be opened. No need to open again if you have opened custody A/C for book-entry T-bonds or savings T-bonds (electronic), just buy savings T-bonds (electronic) directly.

3. ICBC outlets do not accept cash from individual investors who subscribe savings T-bonds (electronic). Customers have to deposit enough amount in the account for the subscription.

4. According to the rules of Ministry of Finance and People's Bank of China, customers can only open A/C, subscribe or check savings T-bond (electronic) online, early redemption, pledge loan, non-transaction transfer and amendment on clearing A/C must be done at ICBC outlets.

5. ICBC offers high-security authentication option for customers to confirm the details when buying or selling savings T-bond (electronic) online. That means customers are free to use USB-Shield or e-password device for buying/selling.