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e-Receipt for Corporate Clients

I. Introduction
E-Receipt for corporate clients refers to services that ICBC offers to Corporate Internet Banking clients which include inquiring about e-Receipts, printing e-Receipts, and printing additional e-Receipts in an electronic way.

II. Target Client
ICBC corporate clients who need to get informed of the transaction details and obtain the evidence for transaction.

III. Features
1. Complete information. With this service, the client can inquire about the e-Receipts for all collection and payment transactions conducted by the headquarters and the subsidiaries.
2. Reliable authentication. The e-Receipts printed through Corporate Internet Banking are all stamped with the seal specially for ICBC e-Receipt, and marked with authentication numbers to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the e-Receipt.
3. Convenient and fast. The service of e-Receipts inquiry is available 7×24 hour every day, which assists you to handle your ICBC related transactions more conveniently and efficiently.

IV. Sign up
Any enterprise or social group which has opened the settlement account at ICBC can open this service after registering for ICBC Corporate Internet Banking at the counter or online.

V. Service Channel and Time
The Certificate edition of Corporate Internet Banking provides 7×24 hour non-stop services.

Ⅵ. Considerations
1. The electronic slip of ICBC Corporate Internet Banking cannot be used as justification for goods delivery for the payee.
2. Printing of the electronic acknowledgement slip can be applied for only once. If the client needs to print additional slips, he can only achieve this by using the inquiry service under the column of account management.
3. For the same transaction in the "Transaction details on the current day" and the "Transaction details in history", electronic slips cannot be printed repeatedly.
4. The client can only print additional ones for the slips that he has applied for through the Certificate edition of Corporate Internet Banking.
5. When the group client wants to inquire about the e-Receipts of the subsidiaries, the client need to first obtain the authorization from the subsidiaries.

Ⅶ. Definition
E-Receipt inquiry: Clients can inquire about the transaction details through Corporate Internet Banking, and the bank provides acknowledgement slips to client s electronically. 

E-Receipt printing: ICBC prints the acknowledgement slip according to the transaction details, and add the seal and key to the slip to ensure its authenticity and reliability.

E-Receipt additional printing: The client can choose to print additional slips which will still use the original slip number. The additional slip is the same as the original one, only that it will be marked "The Nth time printing".

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