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Remittance to the Securities Registration Company

I. Introduction
Remittance to the Securities Registration Company is a service provided to securities company who margins up the deposit account and settles their self-owned capital at the China Securities Depository and Clearing Company Limited (CSDCC). You can transfer remittance to the settlement account designated by CSDCC and inquire information about the remittance through Internet Banking.

II. Target Client
Securities companies who transfer fund to CSDCC.

III. Features
1. Accurate and timely capital settlement
Ensure that capital settlement between the client and the securities registration company is accurate and timely.
2. Simple operations
The client can submit the remittance order one by one. When the system asks the client to enter the account of the securities registration company, the system provides account names and account numbers of all securities registration companies for the client to choose, thus saving the client’s trouble to type in the characters and numbers and making operations much simpler.

IV. Application Condition
Registered ICBC Corporate Internet Banking clients and their business area is "securities trading".

V. Sign up
1. Opening service at the counter:
The client submits the Application Form for ICBC Corporate Internet Banking Clients to Modify (Cancel) Items, and the clerks at the account opening branch will complete the opening procedures.
2. Opening service through Internet Banking:
The client can log onto the website of Corporate Internet Banking, select "China Securities Depository and Clearing Company, Shanghai branch (excess reserves)"under the 2nd level column "exchange house registration/customization" under the 1st level column "exchange house membership service" to open the service.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
Corporate Internet Banking provides the service between 9:00 and 15:00 normally. The service time is finally subject to the time schedule of the securities registration company.

Ⅶ. Product Link
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Ⅷ. Considerations
1. The end time for capital settlement with CSDCC depends on the prescriptions of CSDCC. Please submit your orders and check your account timely so as to avoid possible loss.
2. General investors should distinguish the service of remittance to securities registration companies from that of bank-securities transfer and use this service cautiously, so as to avoid possible loss caused by mistaken operations.
3. When the client uses the service of "remittance to securities registration companies", the "seat number" or "account number" used by the client to conduct settlement with the securities registration company is needed to type in the column of "seat number/account number", so as to ensure that the capital settlement between the client and the securities registration company is accurate and timely.

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