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Online Revolving Loan

I. Introduction
Corporate revolving loan is a loan service. Borrowers and ICBC sign the loan contract one-time. Borrowers can draw loans many times within the period/limit stated in the contract and repay each. The loans can be used revolvingly. Online revolving loan is an ICBC service for corporate clients to apply, check, draw and repay revolving loans via Internet Banking.

II. Target Clients
ICBC Corporate Internet Banking customers, small-and-medium enterprises who wish to borrow from ICBC.

III. Features
1. Anytime, anywhere
Loans can be applied through Internet banking, anytime, anywhere. The service is accessible from any remote location for users to borrow and repay, or initiate an application request outside business hours.
2. Easy steps, save time and effort
No need to apply in person at the outlet, all the steps from applying and drawing the loan can be done online, including early repayment. No more complicated steps at the counter. The service is simple to use.
3. User-friendly interface, repeated steps can be taken during the contract period
During the contract period, revolving loan can be drawn more than once within the limit allowed, or renewed in light of the liquidity situation. All steps can be done online with a click.

IV. Sign Up
Open a loan account and register the account under Corporate Internet Banking.

V. Considerations
Settlement account for repayment to the loan account must be cleared without any record of interest arrears. Otherwise, subsequent services after withdrawal of loan cannot be continued.

VI. Definition
1. Loan contract: a legal document signed between ICBC and borrowers, stating the loan purpose, loan amount, interest rate, loan period, repayment plan, guarantee requirements, and the rights and obligations of both parties. 
2. Certificate of indebtedness: a written record evidencing the drawdown of loans by borrowers.

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