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Cross-Border Remittance

I. Introduction
Cross-border remittance is a service for corporate clients to remit money via Internet Banking from ICBC accounts in China to ICBC overseas branches, partner banks or other banks in overseas. The service enables customers to submit, check, approve cross-border remittance instructions, or maintain cross-border remittance template and payee list.

II. Target Clients
Corporate clients who have to send remittance to banks in overseas.

III. Conditions
Must be users of ICBC Corporate Internet Banking or Bank-Enterprise Interlink.

IV. Sign Up
Customers who have registered Corporate Internet Banking or Bank-Enterprise Interlink must sign up the cross-border remittance for the company group at ICBC outlet and complete the necessary formalities. Those who  have not registered must register Corporate Internet Banking or Bank-Enterprise Interlink first.

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