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Online Call Deposit

I. Introduction
Online Call Deposit is a special fixed deposit. When the depositor makes a deposit through Corporate Internet Banking, he does not specify the deposit term; yet he needs to notify the bank in advance to withdraw his fund and must reach agreement with the bank on the date and the amount he will withdraw. This service increases the deposit's rate of return without reducing its liquidity.

II. Target Client
Clients who use their funds at unfixed times and hope to maximize the rate of return, including enterprises, institutions, administrative departments, the army force, social groups and individual industrial and commercial households.

III. Features
A deposit product which combines a high rate of return and liquidity. Its interest rate is higher than the current deposit, and at the same time its liquidity is stronger than the fixed deposit.

IV. Application Condition
Corporate Internet Banking clients

V. Sign up
1. Submit to the account opening branch the Application Form for ICBC Corporate Internet Banking Clients to Modify (Cannel) Items and the Information Form of Certificate Corporate Client and Its Subsidiaries.
2. The clerk at the counter gets the notice deposit account number from the system and guides the client to fill the number into the application form.
3. The branch bank examines the client's application materials and after approval, opens the service for him.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
ICBC Corporate Internet Banking provides 7×24 non-stop services.

Ⅶ. Interest Rate Information
1. The interest of the Online Call Deposit is calculated according to its actual saving period and the interest rate adopted.
2. The client can withdraw all or part of the deposit in one time. The balance in the account cannot fall below 500 thousand RMB; otherwise the account will be cancelled, and the interest will be calculated to the day of account cancellation. As long as the balance in the account exceeds 500 thousand RMB after the client makes withdrawals, ICBC will issue a new notice deposit certificate for the client according to the amount of the balance, the original value date and the original type of notice deposit.

Ⅷ. Considerations
1. The lowest limit for RMB notice deposit is 500 thousand Yuan.
2. This service supports only intra-city transactions, but not cross-regional transactions. The payer's name and the account name must be the same name within the same city.
3. As the Online Call Deposit account opening certificate is virtual, the client can go to the bank branch to print a paper one, after which, the online deposit is transferred into the deposit account opened at the bank branch, and can only be inquired about, but not withdrawn through Internet Banking.  
4. The notice deposit saved through Internet Banking cannot be withdrawn on notice or canceled at the bank branch.
5. When you withdraw or transfer fund from the notice deposit account, the amount withdrawn or transferred must exceed 100 thousand Yuan; and the balance in the account must be higher than the lowest limit (Generally, 500 thousand Yuan. For the exact number, please consult your account opening bank branch).

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