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Corporate Mobile Banking

I. Introduction
Corporate Mobile Banking is a range of ICBC electronic banking services available through smart phones and mobile communication network for mobile users to manage company accounts and handle instructions. Corporate Mobile Banking is convenient, easy to apply, with rich functions, safe and reliable. Main details are as below:
(I) Check A/C balance
A function for checking balance in group/subsidiary accounts under the control of logon ID.
(II) Check intra-day details
A function for checking intra-day details on group/subsidiary accounts under the control of logon ID.
(III) Check history details
A function for checking history details on group/subsidiary accounts under the control of logon ID.
(IV) Approve instructions pending for authorization
A function for you to use logon ID to look up and authorize the pending instructions that can be approved.
(V) Check authorized instructions
A function for looking up instructions approved by logon ID before.
(VI) Change logon password
A function for changing the password for logon mobile banking under the logon ID.

II. Target Clients
Registered customers of Corporate Internet Banking (Standard Edition and SME Edition) who need quick access to the transactions but authorized persons are not available to logon Corporate Internet Banking anytime.

III. Features
1. Use anywhere: ICBC Corporate Mobile Banking offers services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
2. Easy to apply: Just register at any ICBC outlet and start to use the services.
3. Rich functions: A wide range of functions for you to check account balance, intra-day details or history details, approve instructions to be authorized, check instructions authorized and change login password.
4. Safe and reliable: You have to register as a user at the ICBC counter. Moreover, transparent transmission of mobile number can reduce your risk when using the services.

IV. Application Conditions
You must register ICBC Corporate Internet Banking, holder of Internet Banking ID certificate must use a mobile phone that can connect to the Internet.

V. Sign Up
Apply in person at ICBC outlet together with the business registration document of your company, identity document of the staff holding the Corporate Internet Banking ID certificate and the identity document of the person-in-charge.

Ⅵ. Operation Guide
Once registered, login Corporate Internet Banking, go to "Mobile Banking" under Customer Services. Use "Set Mobile Banking" to set up the first-time login password, permission for account enquiry and instruction approval, and validity period for approval permission. Once set, use your mobile phone registered under Mobile Banking and login Corporate Mobile Banking.