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Insurance Services

I. Introduction 
Online Insurance is a service offered for personal clients to buy insurance products, pay for renewal fee, and inquire insurance certificate online from insurance companies that ICBC represents. The online insurance services provides you with functions of purchase, renewal, and inquiry of accident insurance and portfolio insurance, as well as purchase, redemption, balance and trading detail inquiry of investment-linked insurance.

II. Target Client
Registered clients of ICBC Personal Internet Banking with the demand for insurance services.

III. Features
1. The various types of online insurances are featured with low cost and easy application procedure. After successful purchase, the insurance company will present and send the insurance certificate to the clients.
2. Clients who purchase insurance products through ICBC Personal Internet Banking are provided with direct and detailed information of the insurance.

IV. Application Condition
Registered clients of ICBC Personal Internet Banking holding ICBC current deposit book, ICBC Money Link Card, and Elite Club Card can directly use the online insurance services.

V. Service Channel and Time
Personal Internet Banking.

Ⅵ. Tip
You can go to an ICBC branch to sign up for the online payment function. Then visit the functional area of insurance purchase on ICBC website homepage, which displays all the popular insurance products that ICBC represents.

Ⅶ. Considerations
1. After successful payment for insurance purchase through Internet Banking, ICBC will deduct the sum in real-time from your designated account, while the insurance company will present and send you the insurance certificate. Please check your mail for the original copy sent by the insurance company. If you do not receive the insurance certificate in ten days, please contact the insurance company.
2. Currently, only holders of Elite Club card, and Peony Money Link Card can use the payment service through Internet Banking. Temporarily it does not support online insurance purchase by credit cards. 
3. If you purchase the insurance products of Tai Ping Insurance Company through Internet Banking, please record the contractual number of your insurance certificate after the completion of the purchase transaction. With this number you can inquire the information of your insurance certificate in real time; if you purchase the insurance products of Tai Ping Life Insurance Company, you can check the information of your insurance certificate through the “Insurance Certificate Information Inquiry” function after 24 hours of successful purchase. 
4. All the information of insurance products is provided by the insurance companies, whose process of online insurance purchase is different. Please refer to the operational guide of each company. If you have any question, please call the insurance company for consultation.
5. ICBC will continuously release new insurance products based on client and market demand. For details, please visit the insurance channel of ICBC website.

Ⅷ. Definition
Motor Vehicle Compulsory Liability Insurance: is a type of compulsory liability insurance enabling the victims of road traffic accident caused by the insured motor vehicle (excluding passengers of the motor vehicle and the policy holder) to get a certain sum of money in case of death, body injury, and financial loss within the liability limit.

Accident Insurance: is a type of private insurance enabling the policy holder to get a certain sum of money in case of death, body injury and damage, medical expense and the temporary loss of working capability due to the accident.

Ⅸ. Risks
ICBC provides you with insurance fee payment and insurance information inquiry services within the authorized scope by the insurance companies. Please contact the insurance company directly for any relevant issues of the insurance products.

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