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Small Exchange Settlement and Sale

I. Introduction 
Small Exchange Settlement and Sale is a service for domestic personal clients who have opened multi-currency account and signed up for Internet Banking to Trading FX online. It provides you with functions such as FX purchase and trading details inquiry.

II. Target Client
Registered clients of ICBC Personal Internet Banking with the demand for FX Trading.

III. Features
This service enables you to Trading small amount of FX through Personal Internet Banking, without the necessity of going the counter for the operation.

IV. Application Condition
Individual clients of ICBC Personal Internet Banking within the territory of PRC who holds ICBC multi-currency account  can all enjoy the service of FX Purchase (Small Amount).

V. Service Channel and Time
ICBC Personal Internet Banking.

Ⅵ. Tip
1. After FX purchase through ICBC Personal Internet Banking, you can continue to use the function of "Cross-border Remittance" to directly transfer the money to overseas payee account.
2. For FX Trading through ICBC Personal Internet Banking, ICBC provides you with two options of Cash/Remittance Tag: "current cash" and "current remittance".

Ⅶ. Considerations
1. Clients who register Internet Banking through self-service can also operate FX Trading through Internet Banking.
2. The personal FX Trading service of Internet Banking sets an annual trading quota control. The maximum annual Trading amount is equivalent to USD 50,000. 
3. During the process of trading on Internet Banking, there is no need to use any media for authentication. That is, all registered clients of ICBC Internet Banking can use the service to Trading FX.
4. The available currencies for Trading include USD, HKD, Japanese Yen, Euro, British Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, and Swiss Franc. (For detail, please refer to the information of your local ICBC branch)
5. The service is available for clients holding custody account. Authorized person must apply the card with valid ID Card. Cumulative FX limit is set for authorized person and trustee manager, however.

Ⅷ. Risks
Fluctuation of foreign exchange rate due to changes in the FX market may cause the loss of your asset denominated in foreign currencies. Risks and losses incurred thereby are borne on you while ICBC will not take any responsibility.

Ⅸ. Definition
1. Individual in the Territory: refers to Chinese citizens holding PRC ID card, Military ID card, and Armed Police ID card.
2. Trust Account: a brand-new ICBC financial service to meet families' need for intensive financial management, as well as the capital supervision and remittance for ventures jointly invested by partners and friends. You can authorize your registered ICBC Peony Money Link Card, e-Age Card, Elite Club Card, Credit Card, Special-purpose Card, or current deposit account to your family members or friends who have signed up for ICBC Internet Banking at the counter and have applied for USB Shield. In this way, you can authorize them to help you operate inquiry, transfer, investment, and wealth management, so as to realize effective supervision and intensive management of the bank accounts of your family members or partners. 
3. Cross-border Remittance: refers to the remittance to payee accounts that are opened in banks outside Mainland China.

Responsibility Statement: The contents on this page are for reference only. The ultimate power of interpretation is under the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited. For part of the contents, notice and specific regulations of local branches shall prevail.