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Gold Accumulation Program for Corporate Account

I. Introduction
"Gold Accumulation Program (GAP) for Corporate Account" is a service for ICBC corporate clients who open GAP account in ICBC and sign the agreement to buy gold in fixed amount, in regular periods (monthly deduction in agreed amount) or at own discretion. The gold asset equity can be redeemed or converted into physical precious metal. Details as follows:

(I) Open GAP account
Open GAP account to accumulate gold

(II) Accumulate gold at own discretion
Check latest gold prices and submit instruction to buy gold anytime.

(III) Periodic purchase of gold
Sign an agreement to accumulate gold in fixed amounts, fixed periods, anytime you can view, update or terminate the agreement.

(IV) Manage accumulated gold
Manage accumulated gold by checking account details. If necessary, close the account, redeem or arrange a date to convert the accumulated gold.

(V) Check transactions
Choose the A/C No. or card No. to look up the details in the account/card by type of transactions, date/time, including gold bought at own discretion, periodic purchase of gold, conversion and redemption of accumulated gold and scheduled conversion.

(VI) Check GAP instruction
View GAP instructions by time, type and status.

II. Features and Advantages
I. Fast and convenient: GAP account can be opened anytime via Corporate Internet Banking, as well as redeem or schedule a date to convert accumulated gold online.
2. Flexible: Two options, either buy gold anytime or periodically, depending on the gold price fluctuations and different needs.

III. Target Clients
Corporate clients who wish to buy gold at cheaper prices and draw physical precious metals.

IV. Application Conditions
ICBC corporate customers.