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Loan Services

I. Introduction 
Online Loan is an ICBC service for users of Personal Internet Banking to submit loan applications; apply/collect pledge loan; make early or overdue repayment of loan; automatic drawdown, automatic repayment; check loan, release or replace pledges. Various loans can be applied include: housing loan, commercial housing loan, consumer loan, auto loan, personal credit loan ,Personal Housing Mortgage Loan,and personal business loan. Customers of Personal Internet Banking can use the fixed deposit linked under the registration card of Internet Banking as the pledge to obtain a proportional amount of loan.

II. Target Client
Eligible applicants are customers of Personal Internet Banking using certificate or code card who have applied or are in need of such a loan service. Before that, the applicants must have one or more of the following ICBC financial products: fixed deposit, fund, book-entry T-bond, savings T-Bond (certificate), investment product, gold in RMB A/C, FX trading A/C.

III. Features
1. Easy steps, monies credited into account in real-time
No need to apply in person at the outlet, just apply online. The loan released by ICBC will be credited to your account immediately. The early or overdue repayment of loan also can be made online. No more paper work at the counter. All steps can be done with a click.
2. User-friendly interface; Information available on all types of personal loans.
History details of consolidated loan A/C not only enable you to check details of online personal pledge loans, but also the details of other types of personal loans including auto loan, pledge loan, short-term credit loan, consumer loan, housing loan and personal consolidated credit.

IV. Application Condition

1. Clients of ICBC Personal Internet Banking holding Elite Club Card, and Money Link Card;
2. Valid ID card and registration card.

V. Sign up
1. Sign up Personal Internet Banking;
2. Open a personal consolidated loan A/C at the counter, and link the A/C under your registration card of Internet Banking;
3. Follow self-service instructions to register the consolidated loan A/C under Internet Banking (only applicable to customers using certificate or code card).

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
ICBC Personal Internet Banking provides you with 7x24 hours of round-the-clock services.

Ⅶ. Interest rate information
Loan interest rate

Ⅷ. Considerations
1. The lending period for online personal pledge loan is up to one year for maximum. 6-month rate is adopted for a period shorter than or equal to 6 months. 1-year rate is adopted for a period longer than 6 months, but shorter than or equal to 12 months.
2. Only allow to apply drawdown of the personal pledge loan applied online; Loans under contracts signed through self-service at Internet Banking can only be released via Internet Banking.
3. The loan applied through self-service on Internet Banking can only be released via Internet Banking. One contract can apply for more than one drawdown, but the sum cannot exceed the total amount stated in the contract.
4. The repayment for overdue personal pledge loans must be completed at ICBC business office.
5. The pledged certificate of fixed deposit will be automatically released once the principals and interests of all the loans under the loan contract have been repaid in full.
6. The result of loan application submitted online will be sent via Internet Banking or SMS. Once approved, the loan will be released directly to your account.
7. Personal loan composite account can be opened at any ICBC branch or through self-service on Internet Banking.
8. To apply personal pledge loan online, the registration card must have personal consolidated loan A/C linked under. If such the consolidated loan account has been opened at the counter, you have to register it under Internet Banking.
9. Lump fixed deposit sub-A/C that can be pledged include: all-in-one fixed deposit A/C (without passbook) linked under Money Link Card, lump fixed deposit A/C linked under Elite Club Card, accounts linked under call deposit. Certificate of FX lump fixed deposit can be used as the pledge A/C for applying pledge loan. Pledged amount will be converted into RMB using the quote of the day.

Ⅸ. Definition
1. Housing Loan: the type of loan a bank releases to a borrower for the purchase and construction of all types of housing. If you have applied housing loan at the counter, you can also operate subsequent steps such as early repayment on Internet Banking.
2. Auto Loan: the type of RMB secured loan a bank releases to a borrower for auto purchase. If you have applied auto loan at the counter, you can also operate subsequent steps such as early repayment on Internet Banking.
3. Composite Consumer Loan: the type of RMB secured loan a bank releases to a borrower for designated consumption. If you have applied composite consumer loan at the counter, you can also operate subsequent steps such as early repayment on Internet Banking. 
4. Personal Commercial Housing Loan: the type of loan a bank issues to a borrower for the purchase of new self-managing commercial house or self-occupied office house. If you have applied commercial housing loan at the counter, you can also operate subsequent steps such as early repayment on Internet Banking.  
5. Pledge Loan: a service to enable a borrower apply and obtain RBM loan from a lender with the following items as pledge—fix account, fund, T-bond, finance products, gold under RMB account, FX trading account linked to ICBC Internet Banking.
6. Revolving Loan:a kind of secured loan. Clients who apply loans through Internet Banking can use marketable certificate of deposit or portfolio as pledge. After completing the process of pledge amount evaluation, pledge value confirmation, and relevant registration procedure, clients can apply a credit line that is equivalent to the value of the assessed pledge. The credit line can be re-used within the loan period. In short, revolving loan is featured with: one application, controlled total amount; fix period, unlimited times; borrowing and repaying at any time with revolving use; repayment of principal and interest upon maturity.

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