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ICBC e Payment

I. Introduction
"ICBC e Payment" is a type of convenient product introduced by the Bank for small-sum online payments. To make a payment, you only need to enter the SMS verification code received by your reserved mobile phone without USB-Shield, or e-password device.

II. Target Client
It is applicable to individual customers with commodity trading needs on the internet or mobile websites.

III. Features
1. Diversified business handling channels: web portals, personal internet banking, mobile banking, and counters.
2. Unified account system management: All the ICBC e-payment cards and accounts under your name use the same mobile phone number and share all kinds of payment limits including for single-transaction, daily and monthly cumulative payment limits, which realizes unified management of all payment card limits.
3. Convenient and quick handling procedure: It only takes three steps (enter customer information, fill verification code, confirm) to apply for the service, and the Bank enables you to open the ICBC e-Payment functions through personal internet banking and mobile banking conveniently.
4. Consistent and flexible risk control: The monthly cumulative payment limit is RMB50,000, which can effectively control payment risks. Based on your demands, you may flexibly adjust the single-transaction and daily cumulative payment limits. The product also allows USB-Shield customers to set higher single-transaction and daily cumulative payment limits.

IV. Considerations
1. ICBC e-Payment supports the following registration card (account) numbers: Moneylink cards, Elite Club Account cards, ICBC Wise Gold cards, credit cards and current passbook; and support the mobile numbers of China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile.
2. When using ICBC e Payment, you may use the last six digits of your account number + your mobile phone number, or alias consisting of 4-12 letters or digits (other than alias consisting of 6 digits) + your mobile phone number to conduct B2C transactions.
3. When using ICBC e-Payment at a special mall, you are only subject to single-transaction and monthly cumulative payment limits set for the mall. When a credit card account is used for ICBC e-Payment, the payment limits are also bound by the overdraft limit of the credit card.
4. When personal internet banking or mobile banking users register for ICBC e-Payment through self-service, the ICBC e-Payment function will be added to their registration cards or accounts synchronously.
5. When personal internet banking or mobile banking users register for ICBC e-Payment, they may register for multiple cards or accounts (up to 10), and will receive the SMS prompt of ICBC after successful registration.
6. When mobile banking is used for remittances, mobile number remittances, Email remittances, fund transfers of registered accounts, interbank remittances, interbank express remittances, bill payment, donations, and scheduled cash withdrawal, the ICBC e-Payment password sent in SMS form can be used for verification.
7. After mobile banking users who register through self-service have access to ICBC e-Payment with the mobile number (which must be reserved at the counter) used for registration, they can complete small-sum payments by inputting the password received via SMS on their mobile phones, without having to obtain any e-banking code card, e-password device or USB-Shield, thereby realizing comprehensive external transfers and payments.