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Credit Card Service

I. Introduction 
Credit card service refers to ICBC's general service ranging from the application and replacement of Debit and Credit Combo Card, the repayment of overdraft, to the inquiry and modification of credit card information through personal internet banking and telephone banking.

II. Target Client
Personal clients with the demand for Debit and Credit Combo Card management through internet banking and telephone banking.

III. Features
Through the intuitive interface of internet banking, you can access to account situations and transaction details of all the credit cards under your name, so as to maximize the financial management function of credit cards. 

Telephone banking provides you with credit card service of all aspects at any time and any place with ease and convenience.
1. Convenience. No matter where you are, you can complete transactions by calling ICBC 95588 Telephone Baking;
2. Comprehensibility. You can inquire about the transaction details, available line, minimum repayment amount, and favorable promotions of your credit card account, and can also complete self-repayment, credit limit adjustments, and fax applications;
3. Flexibility. You can, according to the different businesses, flexibly choose voice service or help seat and valet transactions;
4. Economy. With domestic and Hong Kong roaming fee exempt, you only need to call the local 95588 and pay for the local airtime charges. You can also conduct credit card business through telephone banking by roaming to the location of your credit card via the roaming function.

IV. Application Condition
Personal holders of ICBC Debit and Credit Combo Card with registration of personal internet banking and telephone banking.

V. Sign up
Online Banking:
1. Register your Debit and Credit Combo Card on ICBC Personal Banking.
2. To register on the counter, please bring your ID card to file the application during the business hours at any ICBC branch; to register on internet banking, you can finish the application at any time with your internet banking password.
Telephone Banking: there is no need for special registration.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
"Banking @ Home" personal banking and telephone banking provides you with 7×24 hours of round-the-clock services.

Ⅶ. Tip
1. You can subscribe to free customized services such as credit card balance change alert and electronic bill delivery, so as to manager your credit card timely and comprehensively.
2. Take advantage of the longest interest-free repayment period. The longest interest-free repayment period refers to the theoretically longest interest-free overdraft period that clients can obtain from the bank. To facilitate your daily life, the most effective way of using credit card is to make full use of the bank's favorable term of interest-free overdraft in each credit card transaction, and meanwhile, to avoid the loss of personal credit and the payment of overdraft interest due to overdue repayment. Therefore, if you sign up for the automatic repayment function for your credit card on internet banking and guarantee that your designated repayment account has sufficient fund, you can authorize the bank to automatically calculate and deduct the repayment before the due day of interest-free repayment day.

Ⅷ. Risks
If you fail to pay the full amount before the due repayment day of your current bill, the consequences may include the payment of overdraft loan interest, the payment of overdue fine, delinquent credit card records, etc.

Ⅸ. Product Link
Debit and Credit Combo Card(Chinese Version)

Ⅹ. Definition
Bill Day: the date when ICBC conducts monthly aggregate settlement of all the transactions and costs occurred in the current period of cardholders' credit card accounts, and calculates interest and the date of repayment for the current period.

Automatic Repayment: you can subscribe to the registration of automatic repayment through ICBC credit card issuers or internet banking, then ICBC will automatically transfer from your account for the repayment of debit before the monthly due date of repayment.

Repayment Due Day: the last day for repayment of the current bill. If your repayment is finished prior to this date, the overdraft part is loan-interest free.

The minimum amount of repayment: referring to the minimum amount of reimbursement regulated by the card issuers that the cardholders of the credit card should repay, which is the sum of the unpaid part of the minimum repayment amount of the last bill and 10% overdraft account balance of the current bill day.

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