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Online Bill Payment Services

I. Introduction 
Online Bill Payment is a service that ICBC cooperates with fee collection units to provide such services as inquiry on fee payment and online payment of different kinds of fees to personal and corporate customers.

II. Target Client
Corporate Internet Banking clients who need to pay fees.

III. Features
1. Cross-regional 
Taking advantage of the network of ICBC, the client can choose bill payment service in his local area or nationwide; he can also inquire about fee payment transactions across China as long as ICBC acts as the agent of fee collection.   
2. Automatic settlement  
Following the online instructions of the fee collector, ICBC can transfer fund into their accounts real time; Thus providing a fast and safe transfer channel for fees which speeds up the fee payment process and reduces the term for fee collection. Online Bill Payment service greatly reduces work loads of both collectors and payers, and can effectively protect them from operation risks.

IV. Application Condition
ICBC Corporate Internet Banking clients

V. Sign up
The client needs to open the Certificate Edition or the General Edition of ICBC Corporate Internet Banking.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
The Certificate Edition and the General Edition of ICBC Corporate Internet Banking.

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