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FX Finance Products

I. Introduction 
FX Finance Products is a service in which clients deposit a sum of foreign exchange fund to the bank and meanwhile sell an option, swap or other derivative financial instruments, thereby obtaining corresponding returns on stock options and assuming a certain degree of market risk. The bank will give the proceeds of the sold options back to clients by means of annual consolidated yield as investment returns.

You can process operations of FX products including: account opening / cancellation, purchase, account inquiry, account setting, etc.

II. Target Client
Clients with the demand of FX finance through Internet Banking.

III. Features
1. You only need to register ICBC Personal Internet Banking on ICBC website by self-service for operations such as account opening/cancellation, purchase, account inquiry, and account setting;
2. All-day service, featured with speed and convenience.

IV. Application Condition
1. Clients of ICBC "Banking@Home" Personal Internet Banking;
2. Registration cards include Peony Money Link Card, and Elite Club Card;
3. Open an FX account.

V. Service Channel and Time
"Banking@Home" Personal Internet Banking provides you with 7x24 hours of round-the-clock services.

Ⅵ. Product Link
Personal Finance Channel, Wealth Management Channel.(Chinese Version)

Ⅶ. Considerations
1. Based on the different types of finance products, the categories of client application includes: termination of breach, exercise termination, early redemption and product sales. 
2. Termination of breach refers to that within the period of breach termination, clients can unilaterally propose breach application, and the bank can pay or not pay the proceeds while charging liquidated damages. 
3. Exercise termination refers to that within the period of exercise termination, clients can apply to terminate finance product on the day of exercise termination. Clients can receive proceeds without being charged the transaction fee.
4. Product sales (redemption) is targeted at products of bilateral pricing. Within the survival period, clients can sell their finance products according to the price of current day, receiving principal and proceedings.
5. Clients should pay tax for the returns generated from personal FX finance product investment.
6. For products of open circulation, you can click the "Sell" button on the operation column to enter into the page of sales trading, and sell the products that can be purchased and sold at the sales price of the current day, receiving money in T+0 days. Upon the maturity of finance products, ICBC will automatically calculate principal and proceeds for you, with the money reaching your account in T+3 days.
7. The time for finance product purchase is: 9:00-17:00 on each day within the product issuance period, including public holidays. The time for product sales is: 9:30-15:00 from Monday to Friday within the survival period (excluding public holidays).
8. For finance product purchase on Personal Internet Banking, common clients can choose the finance products under the following two categories of "Types of Purchase Clients": "General Clients" and "All Clients"; clients of Elite Club can choose the finance products under the categories of "Elite Club Clients" and "All Clients".
9. If you have opened a finance trading account without signing up for Internet Banking, you need to register it on Personal Internet Banking.
10. If you need to cancel your finance trading account, please confirm that all the finance product shares under this account are either sold or terminated upon maturity without effective finance trading commission.
11. You can inquire trading details of finance products within the span of one year.

Ⅷ. Definition
1. Finance trading account opening / cancellation. Clients can only open one finance trading account in one area. Account opening and cancellation is not limited by the trading time of finance products.
2. Product inquiry / purchase. Inquire the information of the various finance products issued by ICBC, and transact purchases of finance products. Inquire holding shares / redemption. Inquire the shares of finance products you hold, transact product redemption and application of early termination.
3. Trading detail inquiry. Inquire the current-day and historical trading details of all finance products.
4. Agreement of adjustment and termination. Inquire, set, extend, suspend, or terminate all the signed "Finance Product Automatic Investment Service Agreement" and "Rollover Investment Finance Agreement". 
5. Trading withdrawal. Withdraw trading applications of finance product purchase and early termination submitted to Internet Banking on the current day but without becoming effective. 
6. Trading card (account) adjustment. Provide the function to change the capital account of finance product trading.
7. Modification of means of dividend. Provide the function of modifying the means of dividend for certain finance products.

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