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Internet Banking Interlink

I. Introduction
Internet Banking Interlink is an ICBC service based on the interbank clearing system of PBOC for online payments. The service offers functions for you to enroll Personal Internet Banking, register internet banking interlink account and use the account to remit money fast to accounts of other banks.   

II. Features
1. Manage accounts of other banks via ICBC Personal Internet Banking for enquiry on the account balance and details, and use the accounts of other banks to make transfer or payment.
2. ICBC security token is used for authentication if the payer is an account of other banks. 
3. Amount is credited into account in real-time, faster clearing between banks.

III. Sign up
1. You must sign up ICBC Personal Internet Banking and use either code card, USB-Shield or USB-Shield(second-generation).
2. You must sign up Internet Banking of other banks and meet the conditions in using the service. You also have to sign up, enroll and be authenticated as a customer of Internet Banking interlink of other banks.

IV. Considerations
No support on the custody account if you just enroll or register Internet Banking interlink, custody account can be used for fast interbank remittance. Switch to custody account if you wish to continue.

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