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Report of Loss (Self-Service)

I. Introduction 
A service for you to report the loss of registration card (of Internet Banking and Telephone Banking), and its linked card or account through ICBC Personal Internet Banking and Telephone Banking. Through this function, you can report loss of registration card or account as well as its linked card and account through Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, and the operator assistance service.

II. Target Client
Clients of ICBC Personal Internet Banking and Telephone Banking with the demand of fast report of loss.

III. Features
To prevent you from monetary loss in case you lose your registration card, linked card or account by timely report of loss.

IV. Application Condition
1. Registration of Personal Internet Banking and Telephone Banking.
2. If you have not registered ICBC Personal Telephone Banking, you can also report loss through the operator assistance service of Telephone Banking.

V. Sign up
This service is available upon signing up for Personal Internet Banking or Telephone Banking at ICBC counter.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
Personal Internet Banking and Telephone Banking provide you with 7×24 hours of round-the-clock financial services.

Ⅶ. Considerations
1. The loss of Money Link Card, and Elite Club Account Card can be reported temporarily via Internet Banking, which is valid for 15 days in general. To protect your money in the account, please go to ICBC branch in person to report in the written form within 15 days.
2. Report of Loss of Peony Credit Card, International Debit Card, and Special Card made through Internet Banking is immediately in effect once reported. You have to go to the card issuer in person to cancel the report of loss. For reporting the loss of a new card, please go to an ICBC branch, or through Telephone Banking and Internet Banking.
3. Once the loss of registration card is reported, no card service is available – including ATM cash withdrawal and POS payment, except the function of using the card to logon Internet Banking. The Lost Money Link Card, Elite Club Account Card cannot be used to check the details of the card or the linked sub-accounts, transfer money or pay bill via Internet Banking.
4. ICBC will terminate all services for the lost linked account once reported, such as including cash withdrawal. No service is available for the linked card once reported – including ATM cash withdrawal and POS payment.
5. The Loss of Elite Club Account Card, Commuter Card, Money Link Card and Passbook reported through Telephone Banking is only temporary. A report of loss must be made at ICBC business office in person within 15 days, or otherwise the temporary report of loss will be void automatically.
6. During the report of loss, follow the below instruction if encountering the "error message ":
--This type of account is not allowed for report of loss through self-service. Please report in person at ICBC branch
--Account of others, you cannot report loss. Please enter again
--This account already cancelled/reported for loss/locked-up
--Wrong account code, enter again 

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